Иск от Бритни Спирс россиянин подал сам на себя

The story of the scandal Amateur video of ohmic continued.

She [Britney Spears] – the star of world scale. He [Michael Matvienko] – an unemployed resident of Omsk. It would seem that these two people can’t have anything in common. But, no! The 31-year-old Michael Matvienko has a copy of the claim written on behalf of lawyers world-famous singer. At least, so says the resident of Omsk.

The documents are already in the walls of the Soviet district court of Omsk. The servants of Themis case information do not comment, but the legal profession, knowledgeable about the case believe that the paper is forged. The signature on the lawsuit Britney clearly doesn’t belong, and coordinates the sending of the letter are questionable. In the graph the return address is data of one of the hotels of Las Vegas, e-mail address from which the letter came with a claim, too, is suggestive of fraud.

– Why are you doing this? – we Refine, hinting that in the course available to lawyers suspicion.

“Why what? Suddenly she said to me and I agree! – meets Michael. But instead of being grateful I got sued. I’ve heard that Kim Kardashian sued a lot of money from a fan who sent her explicit photos. The same fate awaits me.

Иск от Бритни Спирс россиянин подал сам на себя
Britney Spears

Иск от Бритни Спирс россиянин подал сам на себя
Michael Matvienko

According to Matvienko invented the suit, the star calls him 3 million dollars. The reason for the scandal, recall was the Amateur video called “Comrade”. It’s one of the characters speaks roughly about the singer (read more HERE).

Non-existent on the website of Britney Spears information, the artist wanted to resolve the conflict peacefully. Some time ago, her lawyer even sent omich a letter with a request to remove the film from the network and stop sending the star emails of a sexual nature. But the latter was insulted and refused.

Currently, Michael Matvienko waiting for developments in an unfinished building, which is illegal. The man said that he was afraid of the anger of the Omsk fans of Britney Spears, who has repeatedly called him with threats. He also deliberately decided on a hunger strike because $ 3 million for him a very heavy sum. But that’s okay. To suffer for art is not ashamed.

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