Позднее материнство: ставшая мамой Елена Маликова отказывается думать о смерти
The wife of the singer does not want to put on itself “cross”.

Позднее материнство: ставшая мамой Елена Маликова отказывается думать о смерти

Elena and Dmitry Malikov


Last week it became known that the wife of Dmitry Malikov in 55 years has decided again to become a mother. This topic has caused in the media a heated discussion. Is it too late Elena ventured into the birth of a son? But will she have enough physical strength to raise the boy? Fans to Malikov a lot of questions. According to most, Elena it is time to bring the grandchildren, not children. Nature, after all, was laid some processes that are now, thanks to the development of medicine, can be bypassed. But is it right?

Elena is sure: it is necessary to live for today and not to give up on his life after overcoming the 50-year milestone. She gave advice to all who have fears associated with late motherhood. “Now! You can have different attitudes to life and to age: to get annoyed at the young, beautiful, rich, afraid of old age and tomorrow, with horror to think about death… But there is another way — just be happy every day, loving those who were near, take care of them, not to sit still, but to act, not to let go, and to develop and, finally, not to look at your passport — there is nothing new and interesting there!”— motivates the users of the Network Elena.

The wife of Dmitry Malikov shocked by the events after the birth of her son

The other day by the way, Malikova said, she was not prepared for the fact that journalists know about the appearance in the family of the baby. She had hoped to keep the news a secret, as expected from the public negative reaction to the birth of a son.