Опоздал! Владимира Преснякова высмеяли в соцсетях за ошибку
The singer does not communicate with the eldest son?

Vladimir and Nikita Presnyakov

Photo: @Instagram presnyakovvladimir Vladimir Presnyakov

Two days ago, may 21, eldest son of Vladimir Presnyakov, Nikita was 27 years old. Birthday with birthday congratulations in social networks, all members of the family — except the mother of the Pope. Only late last night in his 50-year-old singer appeared the entry with a greeting.

“My beloved son. Congratulations on your birthday. I am very proud of you and for the father there is no greater happiness. Be happy and popular!” — wrote Vladimir already in a day after the party died down Nikita. On it, by the way, was absent, all members of the family of the soloist of the band “MULTIVERSE” except his wife, Alena.

Users of social networks immediately responded to the puncture. The “error” Presnyakov is a logical explanation. Most likely, the singer congratulated Nikita birthday personally on the phone and in social networks published the greeting late.

However, Network users assume that Vladimir could cause problems in the relationship with the eldest son. “Birthday was yesterday…”, “Daddy is late. To do not nice”, “If you have forgotten, then it would not be dishonored”, “How strange it turns out. They do not communicate, or what?” — worried fans of Vladimir.

Yesterday the grandmother of Nikita — Alla Pugacheva has published historical footage taken during the discharge Orbakaite Nikita with a newborn from the hospital.