Покойный отец Майкла Джексона сломал сыну психику The head of the family, Jackson died of cancer June 27 at a hospice in Las Vegas. Despite his advanced age and serious illness, 89-year-old Joe lived out his life alone. His wife and children, settled in California, pay for only what you need and visit reluctantly.
Покойный отец Майкла Джексона сломал сыну психику

Joe, of course, thought it was ingratitude. It led to the success of the group The Jackson 5 laid the groundwork for the solo careers of Janet and Michael, who later struck out the father’s will, saying: “I’m sick of thinking about it.”

“He never hugged us, not praised, not talked that much – remembered son Jermaine. – We were not allowed to call him dad, only Joseph”.
Покойный отец Майкла Джексона сломал сыну психику

The discovery that the talents of the heirs can save a family of 11 people from vegetating in three rooms on the outskirts of Indiana made Joe set their prison regime. The younger Jackson was no free time, no friends.

“We weren’t supposed toys or trips to the Playground,” recalled Michael.

After school, the brothers have rehearsed for five hours without respite. For incorrectly the note or failure in dance Joe sent the culprit to personally break in the garden, rod for whipping. In other cases, ohazhivat offspring belt buckles and electric wires. Knowing that Michael is going through because of the large nose, Joe teased the son, until he drove him to a nervous TIC. The singer constantly rubbed or closed nose with his hand, and later permanently changed his appearance plastic surgery.

“I was strict, because it prepared children to survive in the cruel world of show business” – to the last stood his ground Joe.


The girls from Destiny’s Child sometimes in the hearts of called “Joe Jackson” his Manager Matthew Knowles, father of Beyonce.

“Fortunately, he did not beat us, but kept a tight rein, recalls the party of the first part La TAVIA Robertson. And did not choose expressions when he was unhappy. Teenagers are hard to tolerate such harsh criticism. Only Beyonce dared to contradict him”. Under the tutelage of Matthew, besides the daughter, there were three girls aged 9 to 11 years, which he practically settled at home.

“Rehearsals never ended, recalls La TAVIA. Even in summer, Matthew woke us up early in the morning and led into the Park. We had to run a few kilometers while singing in order not to suffocate during the dance numbers. Upon his return, he resumed his vocal studies, and so seven days a week. His barracks rules has deprived us of childhood.” Despite frequent disagreements, Beyonce dedicated father song first solo album. Matthew remained her Manager until 2010. Then the singer found out he was stealing money from her. Obviously, even his considerable earnings no longer sufficed for drugs, mistresses, and illegitimate children. Here Matthew and regretted that too tempered the character of the daughter. In March 2011, beyoncé kicked him out of a job without severance pay.

Покойный отец Майкла Джексона сломал сыну психику

I’m not guilty

In 2008, Britney Spears was treated in a psychiatric hospital, and her mom Lynne wrote a memoir “Through the storm”. If you believe the opus, the future artist with eight years preferred school, baby beauty pageants, auditions, singing lessons and dance. And Lynn just went on about her, considering that until a child brings money to the family budget, it is not necessary to exhaust his education or studies. In the end, Britney soon began to drink and to speak, but still believes that Japan is in Africa. Lynn claims that she invented for her daughter, the image of the “last virgin of America” stemmed from a sincere belief in the innocence of Britney, although, according to neighbors of the family from Louisiana, one from 14 years of age was driving boyfriend in to sleep.

Parents are too afraid that the bans interfere with the plans of enrichment at the expense of Britney. As Lynn writes next, after age heiress “distanced himself” from her, in other words, blocked the access to money. Then mom switched to the promotion of the youngest daughter, leaving not able to live with his older mind adrift. Thus, in the family lottery unexpectedly won Jamie’s dad is an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler, which for ten years is the guardian of Britney and Manager of its finances.

Dina Lohan became Manager of the baby Lindsey when she was three years old. Mother received five percent of the earnings of the girls, so I try to work as much as possible. At the age of 13 Lindsay begged for a three-year sabbatical at the end of school, but barely got a Ged, Dina renewed attempts to drive to Hollywood on her shoulders. Mrs. Lohan so often told reporters, donated an imaginary career in show business for the kids that believed it myself. According to Dina, she deserved a second chance at fame and luxury, so use a minor child as a live ticket to a Hollywood party and had fun at her expense in night clubs, where Teens poured alcohol.

“I – Mama-girlfriend – explains Dina. – Do not limit Lindsay, but watch out for her”.

When drunkenness and other bad habits started an actress career derailed, her mother tried to sell broadcasters the idea of a reality show about Lindsay’s treatment at an addiction clinic. Nobody was interested, and Dean cut off the last tuft of wool from “sheep with lice”: no demand is sold at auction the things that my daughter left in her possession…