Last love Tsoi against the film, which is removed about it

Последняя любовь Цоя против фильма, который снимают о нем Preparation for shooting the film about the legendary musician is in full swing. On June 21 he would have turned 55 years old. On the eve of important dates “StarHit” talked with the family of Viktor Tsoi and figure out how they relate to the idea of recording his life movie.
Последняя любовь Цоя против фильма, который снимают о нем

“A star named the Sun”, “blood”, “We want change”… Songs of the musician Viktor Tsoi remembered and loved by millions of people. June 21, the leader of the rock group “Kino” would be 55 years. Interest in his life has not waned to this day. The Director Kirill Serebrennikov in the beginning of February said that he was going to make a film about the singer. According to the script the action takes place in the early 80-ies, when the musician was preparing to record an album. Of course, fans of the rocker greeted the news with great enthusiasm. However, close relatives of Choi is not happy news.

“About the film about Viktor Natasha found out via the Internet – says “StarHit” Cyril, the brother of the last beloved musician – Natalia Razlogova. But, as the project is created, it does not know. One of the producers messing with her. But it could help, to give advice on how best to tell the audience a story. In General, Natasha refers to autobiographical films about the life of Victor with suspicion. Believes that all initiators of the shots have the same goal – to cash in on his name. The success of creative experiences, the victory of Viktor… All is forgotten the filmmakers! Mind only money! So she’d be happy she took the camera and made a film about a beloved man. But she did not before!”

Not supported the news about the film and Victor’s father Robert Maximovich Tsoi.

Последняя любовь Цоя против фильма, который снимают о нем“Still can’t understand why Directors have chosen this part of my life Viti says “StarHit” Choi-senior. – Because in future years there is so much interesting events… But this is a vision of the artist. The main thing that did not distorted. I don’t want to put son in a bad light.”
Последняя любовь Цоя против фильма, который снимают о нем

Robert Maksimovich often says about Victor. In a Studio apartment in St. Petersburg, where he lives, still kept pictures of his son. The only thing that upsets a man, losing connection with her grandson Alexander.

“Sasha I didn’t communicate – continues Robert Maksimovich. Usually called him, and now there is silence. Don’t even know what he’s doing. Heard that moved to the capital, and nothing more. But I’m not offended. Why would I slander?

Although I am retired, it is he consults. Despite his advanced age trying to go out. Recently went on a fishing trip: you know where a good catch. For example, on the Karelian isthmus. There is a large lake where there are pike, bream, roach. So always come back empty-handed. My family visit regularly. Often worried about his health. Ask: “How are you feeling, can, medication what to buy?” And I even nothing to complain about. Of course, now I’m a little cold, but this is easily remedied! I’m trying to overhaul the kitchen to do. Like the pension comes steadily, and royalties for the songs of Victor, and the case from a dead point will not move. I think this summer just fix it!”

Robert Maksimovich hopes that it will invite to the shooting. After all, they will be held in Saint-Petersburg. “Now actively search for the actor who will play Victor, said the “StarHit” Svetlana, the casting Director of the project. To try on the role of celebrity said more than a hundred people. The selection is quite exciting procedure. In the meantime, go strictly according to plan – will start shooting in early August”.