Last love lost witch Ilona Novoselova

Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой Tuesday was a sad event that shocked all fans of the popular mystical project of channel TNT. 29-year-old Ilona Novoselova, the finalist of the seventh season of the show, fell out of the window. According to preliminary data, shortly before death she got into an argument with one. “StarHit” learned that he met a girl.
Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой

Tuesday, 13 June, 29-year-old finalist of the seventh season of “Battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova tragically died in Moscow. At the moment, in circumstances when a clairvoyant to understand the life of law enforcement officers. The sudden death of Novoselova shocked her family and friends. Many colleagues of the medium wrote condolences to her family on social networks. Most of them speak about Ilona as bright and charismatic nature, which didn’t go smoothly. According to preliminary data, before the death of the girl quarreled with her boyfriend, 26-year-old magician Artem * the AUD / USD. “StarHit” to find out what is beloved of the deceased witch.

The star of “the battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova found dead in Moscow


The guy Ilona was sympathetic to her sessions, as the shared interests of the second half. The young man is fond of black magic and believes that he has psychic abilities. Artem is also called the magician because of the connection with the dark forces.

“My name is Artem. I was born in 1991 in the city of Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region. His gift, I began to feel since childhood, when I first saw myself walking down the street. Of course, this was very scary and unclear, but that moment has become a fundamental in my psychic practice. Further – more. I began to see things happening at great distances from me: what people do, what they say and what I think,” this information is posted on the website Besov.
Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой

In Instagram chosen medium, you can find the pictures that show his enthusiasm. Devils posts the images of sinister characters and mysterious figures, as well as shots taken during various ceremonies.

In his autobiography, Artem says that his Outlook on life has changed a case that occurred in his student years. “One day, passing by the Church, I saw a woman who was standing near the door of the temple and looked off into the distance. It seemed that she was completely detached from the world. But then she looked at me, flustered, and pulled from his bag a box. It lay Tarot cards. She quickly gave it to me and hurried off… the woman I’ve never seen” – shared warlock.

Says a young man, he acquired his powers by inheritance. Artem great-grandmother in the maternal line was very well known in the Tver region witch. According to Artem, he was able to find belonged to a cousin thing. Devils believe that they have a special energy.

In social networks the clairvoyant says that he is receiving clients who are faced with life’s difficulties. Artem believes that helps people. The Besov you can find such rituals as damage, spell, cleaning and runic magic. On its website, the young man emphasizes that it is not omnipotent.

“Today in my Arsenal, in addition to Tarot, there is also a ritual of black magic, rune magic, rituals for money and prosperity and, of course, on success in love. To say that I can do anything, impossible. But I try to constantly improve their skills,” – said the psychic.
Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой

At the time of writing the website Besov were not available, but the search engines are preserved snapshots of pages made on Tuesday morning.


According to journalists, Ilona Novoselova and Artem Devils met for about two years. The young people rented housing in the East of Moscow. There has been a fatal event. According to some, the choice of medium was in the apartment when she fell out of the window. The correspondents also reported that a parent Novoselova was also present at the time of the tragedy.

It is not known whether committed psychic suicide, or her sudden death was a fatal accident. According to neighbors of the deceased, she often quarreled with loved ones. Apparently, those accustomed to the explosive nature of Ilona, just not surprised that shortly before the tragic event, she stood on the windowsill and started talking about death. Residents of the home on highway of Enthusiasts said that is often heard talking in loud tones, which testified about the next showdown.

“Ilona with a guy about two years ago I moved here. They regularly had scandals, they often drank alcohol. Could in the stairwell to throw the dishes at him. Overall, she was a good person. Mom lived with them, only occasionally came, and checked on them. I was home at the time, heard the screams. About three o’clock of the day it all happened,” – told reporters the neighbor Ilona on the landing.
Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой

Another resident of the house said that Novoselov was regularly noisy at the wrong time. Strange behavior of the brunette was bothering her neighbors, who discussed what was happening in the General chat. “It’s kind of like this house is cursed. About her often said she was the night noise, is included in the TRANS or what”, – said one eyewitness correspondents.

What life was like Ilona Novoselova: scandals, kidnapping, the rumors of a sex change

According to some reports, shortly before the fateful events of Artem threatened to break up with Ilona and return to their hometown in Chelyabinsk oblast. Medium, according to the journalists ‘ sources in law enforcement agencies, reacted negatively to the words of Besov about the final move home. It is assumed that this connection between the lovers had a quarrel. It is not known what really happened between USD / CAD: and Novoselova, because the chosen star mystical show refrains from communication with journalists. On the page of a young man in Instagram you can find a large number of comments, and the authors of the negative perception about Artem.

Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой

The sellers of the store, which often visited a psychic, say that on that fateful day, three times she punched alcohol. Witnesses saw Ilona in a drunken state.

“She was drunk. I saw yesterday, she no walked. It was evident that the person something has happened. She barely dragged his feet and constantly on the phone talking… Until I talked to her on account of the “Battle” she was in a good mood,” he told those who spoke with Ilona shortly before the unfortunate incident.
Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой

Death Ilona interested in the Investigative Committee. “During the inspection of the scene visible traces, evidence of the criminal nature of the death of the girl, not detected. Currently, the complex of verification activities aimed at establishing the circumstances and causes of the incident. Interviewed relatives of the deceased. By results of check will be a procedural decision”, – reports the representatives of the office.

Ilona Novoselova predicted his own death


Ilona Novoselova and Artem Devils did not hide their relationship from the public. In the microblog warlock appeared regularly sharing photos with mystical finalist of the TV show. Pictures in Instagram Besov caused lively discussions among its subscribers. They admired the harmony, which, as they thought, prevailed among the young people.

Despite the fact that the clairvoyants appeared regularly touching romantic frames , umileva of Internet users, the relationship between Ilona and Artem was not always smooth. According to the familiar psychic Karina Mirzoyan, clairvoyant regularly quarrel with the chosen one.

“I did not know him personally, but I didn’t like him much, because he often brought. She he cried. This guy drove her to it. I told her about it. She even chat with friends is not allowed. We very long time no see. Recently she told me that she was all right”, – said Mirzoyan.
Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой

Karina told me that not so long ago, Ilona and Artem got into a big fight. Medium extremely upset by the quarrel with the chosen one. “Been with them for a long time. She complained to me too. Was feelings. But he didn’t leave her alone like crazy came up, stood under the doors,” said a friend of a clairvoyant.

According to Mirzoyan, her friend had a high degree of vulnerability. Karina finds that she really possessed the abilities. “She’s my man liked it. She has a crazy aura. You can see that she has a gift. Amazing man was,” he told the reporters.

Neighbors Novoselova and Besov confirmed allegations Mirzoyan about the frequent quarrels between the lovers. According to them, the clairvoyants had a high degree of emotion. In a rush of feelings they can begin to sort things out on the landing.

“They just moved here two years, they often have scandals were at home, often drank alcohol. Could leave the apartment, throw the dishes in the stairwell,” – said the correspondent of a tenant house, inhabited by young people.
Последняя любовь погибшей ведьмы Илоны Новоселовой

Some Internet users believe that the popularity of Novoselova contributed to the financial prosperity of its second half. In the microblog Artem you can find pictures of things of famous brands. Apparently, the Devils takes care of himself and prefers to stay updated on the latest fashion trends. At the same time, defenders Artem urged critics not to draw final conclusions because the investigation of the death of his lady is not finished yet. “I’m tired of all this nonsense”: the most striking test of Ilona Novoselova in “Battle of psychics”

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