Последний аккорд: Тейлор Свифт и Келвин Харрис расстались

Singer Taylor swift and DJ Calvin Harris have split up after 15 months of the novel.

A beautiful romantic story of 26-year-old singer Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) and a 32-year-old DJ Calvin Harris (Calvin Harris) came to an end. In March 2016, the pair celebrated the first anniversary of relationships and shared on instagram lucky shots amid the coast, and now, according to insiders, People magazine, decided to disband.

“There was no drama, just didn’t work out. No one is deceived,” says the source.

Information was confirmed by the insider, E! News. According to him, the band broke up last week. “Between them there was no big argument, just disappeared romance,” he explained. — The initiator of the gap became Kelvin. Taylor is very upset, but they still communicate.” He added that swift supported Harris after a car accident in which he fell 20 may 2016.

Romance Taylor swift and Calvin Harris started after the BRIT Awards 2015. For some time the pair were hiding the relationship, but soon began to appear frequently together and post a joint photo on a social network.

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