Lars von Trier will make Uma Thurman a victim of Jack the Ripper

Ларс фон Триер сделает Уму Турман жертвой Джека-потрошителя

Lars von Trier is interested in the life of Jack the Ripper and decided to shoot the film. The picture was titled “the House that Jack built”. The narration is conducted from the first person: Jack the Ripper, played by actor Matt Dillon (“there’s something about Mary”) talk about the 12 years of his life.

The film has already begun. Today it became known, who in addition to Dillon we see in the Thriller. In the caste announced Riley Kio, Sofia Grebel, Bruno Ganz, Siobhan Fallon and Uma Thurman. The last two Actresses will play the Ripper victims. Premiere to be held not earlier than in 2018.

Earlier, Uma Thurman already had the opportunity to work with Trier. The actress became part of the erotic drama called “Nymphomaniac”.

Earlier we talked about the fact that Uma Thurman regrets that starred in the movie “Kill bill” Quentin Tarantino.