Larissa Kopenkina taught the star of “House-2” to seduce men

Лариса Копенкина научила звезду «Дома-2» соблазнять мужчин Businesswoman held a master class for Inna Volovicheva. Larissa Kopenkina gave the ex-participant reality show, which is older than his wife for six years, some valuable advice.

      Лариса Копенкина научила звезду «Дома-2» соблазнять мужчин

      Inna Volovicheva, which became recognized after participating in the reality show “Dom-2”, and is now successfully leading a popular blog about losing weight, met with one of the most striking women of our country, a businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina. Scandalous lady, is known for his endless love Affairs with men much younger than herself, made her a lasting impression. In a good way. Two women met for the first time yesterday in the Studio of the program “live”, where what they were talking about relationships between partners with large age difference. The theme in which Larissa Kopenkina can be considered a real expert. Inna Volovicheva, ex-wife of showman Prokhor Shalyapin gave her some valuable recommendations about the relationship with younger partner, as is known, the spouse of Inna Ivan Novikov six years younger than her. The couple has a teenage daughter.

      “Met today with a wonderful woman Larissa Kopenkina, – said Inna Volovicheva in the microblog. – A very interesting conversationalist. Discussed men and the relations between partners when the man is younger than woman. We learned a lot. Lara gave me some advice on the topic. In General, the woman is fire! The lighter!”

      However, not all followers of the ex-participants “Houses-2” shared her enthusiasm for communication with the flamboyant lady. Many complained that to give advice to only those women who themselves have successful experience of family relationships. However, part of podpiski Volovicheva, apparently, have firmly fallen under the charm of Kopenkina Larissa and I love her, no matter what. The girls expressed their admiration for the Mature but very active lady.

      The phenomenon of this woman in General is difficult to comprehend. Less than three years nobody known businesswoman from Moscow Larisa Kopenkina managed to achieve the impossible – in terms of number of fans it can compete with the country’s most renowned TV presenters and Actresses. The unequal marriage with the singer Prokhor Shalyapin made her recognizable, and scandalous divorce with him. But Larisa has proven she is able to stay in show business as an independent unit. A year after parting with Prokhor her name still doesn’t come with strips gossip.

      Some say about her “crazy!”, other brand in the trail unprintable epithets, others admire. “My life, my rules! Want to meet sunrises, you want to – night disappear and none of you interfere!” once responded to criticism Larissa Kopenkina, formulating his credo.


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