Лариса Копенкина пережила смерть дочери благодаря сыну Ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin still does not believe in the tragic death of his daughter. The incident Larisa Kopenkina blames himself.
Лариса Копенкина пережила смерть дочери благодаря сыну

After her divorce from 31-year-old singer Prokhor Chaliapin in a relationship Larisa Kopenkina and her son Yuriy again at peace. Recently 58-year-old businesswoman has published on his page in Instagram a series of photos in which she is depicted with her son. One of the photos he keeps mum on his hands, on the other she tries unsuccessfully to do the same with Yura. “Once were on hand and in my arms you slept… But the time flew by quickly… Now to his feet and he you got. You work, I rest”, – signed photo of Larisa.

However, life Kopenkina not always been so rosy as of now. “There were times when I was walking down the street, crying and thinking: “I’m coming home, lie down on the bed. Go to sleep and never Wake up, – said Larissa. – I have somewhere to go. It’s not a show-off. Not afraid of death. Because in that light I have a daughter. There are a lot of close friends. I live by the principle: need son, I’ll stay here, call Nastya – will go in there.”

Larissa Kopenkina loves to talk about the terrible tragedy that happened to her daughter Anastasia. But this popular program, she has opened her heart and told that girl was gone in 18 years. “Nastya – our pain. She left school at 16 and left home. For three months we did not communicate. The guy she fell in love with was older by several years, has served in the army. Well, as you can refer to the fact that he went to live with a minor? I was ready to do anything to destroy this Union, – with tears in their eyes recalled Larissa. But Anastasia insisted. First love, first sex, lack of control… had to paint them”, – says Larisa experiences.

Лариса Копенкина пережила смерть дочери благодаря сыну

“When Nastya started to grow up and understand something, I decided from her husband to leave, went to study. Her husband at the time never worked. And then the tragedy happened… They had a fight She went to him for things, husband won’t let her go. The daughter was sitting on the windowsill, Smoking. The guy in the heat of the moment, apparently, casually waved his hand, pushed her — an Accident — She fell out of the window. Eighth floor…” – she recalls.

Larissa refuses to acknowledge the death of his daughter and blames himself for what happened. She believes that the girl went to a far country where it is impossible to reach. According to Kopenkina, she found the strength to go to the funeral of her daughter and was not even holding her death certificate.

Лариса Копенкина пережила смерть дочери благодаря сыну
Лариса Копенкина пережила смерть дочери благодаря сыну

Many celebrities, both Russian and foreign, experienced the same tragedy, and Larisa Kopenkina.

In July of this year as a result of falling from the cliff killed 15-year-old son of Australian musician nick cave Arthur. The accident occurred near the British city of Brighton, County of East Sussex. Cave Jr. was found under a cliff with serious injuries and was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to save the teenager.

Лариса Копенкина пережила смерть дочери благодаря сыну

The eldest son of actor Sylvester Stallone sage, who, like his father, worked in the film industry, has died at the age of 36 in July 2012. He was discovered dead in his home in Hollywood. The cause of death was a heart attack caused by atherosclerosis.

Famous musician Vladimir Kuzmin has lost two children. In December 2002, was killed by his eldest daughter, 25-year-old Elizaveta Kuzmina. The girl was found in his apartment with his throat cut. During the inspection of the apartment in which the murder was committed, law enforcement officials found no signs of forced entry or signs of robbery.

Seven years later, in October 2009, was the 26-year-old musician’s son Stepan. He died in a fire that broke out in an apartment on the 18th floor, where he lived. The young man tried to escape, moving along the ledge to the apartment neighbors. To hold him failed and he fell down. Stepan Kuzmin was killed on the spot.

Five year old daughter Elizabeth-Victoria in 2012 lost Russian singer Roman Zhukov. The girl died after receiving a traumatic brain injury from a blow with a swing. That day’s wife Helen was in Australia, where the light was supposed to be another daughter. The contractor decided to seek justice and to punish those whose negligence led to the death of Elizabeth-Victoria. As a result, the clerk Tatiana Rylskaya, did not check the technical condition of playgrounds in the area, received a suspended sentence. Zhukov was satisfied with the decision of the court. “Guilty in the death of a child was found and punished! Even conditional. I’m in jail didn’t mean to put – for us it was important to achieve the fact of justice,” – commented the singer.

Roman Zhukov: “I’m disappointed in the Russian justice”

Held the second hearing in the case of the Roma Zhukov