Larissa Kopenkina missed the triumph of the son on the podium

Лариса Копенкина пропустила триумф сына на подиуме The young man appeared as a model in the fashion show. Larissa Kopenkina proud of his successor and shares his progress with fans in the microblog. She’s a businesswoman are unable to attend the event because he is in the hospital.

      While ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin Larisa Kopenkina wins the hearts of young men, her son Yuri Bezzubov gaining popularity among the fashionable Metropolitan Bohemia. The other day a young man appeared on the runway as a model at the fashion show from famous designer. Four years could not help arching her pride from the success of his heir and decided to share his output in front of an audience in the microblog.

      “Mother’s joy. My son’s costume from designer Andrey Ponomarev, in the week of high fashion,” wrote a businesswoman in the microblog.

      Fans celebrities have delighted the fact that Larissa really is a cause for joy, despite the fact that parents are always proud of the achievements of their successors. “What happiness, when we rejoice in the successes of our children!”, “Your son is very handsome young man, good luck to him. And you, Larissa, health”, “Huge mother of happiness to you”, wrote the following in the comments under the photo of Yuri, which was published four years on the social network.

      Larissa expressed regret that are unable to be personally present in the audience at the screening, which was attended by Yuri. Now woman is away from the bustle of the city – in clinic, where she regains health after an accident. Larissa Kopenkina eliminates the effects of a serious accident

      Now, when Larisa Kopenkina almost regained her health, she enjoy life and talks on the theme of love and relationships. “Away from the city and roads there is a beauty and the color that it appears somewhere in the fairy Kingdom. Much travelled and left behind in some tests are passed with honor, what is left the pain and feeling… it is Important that we take on and who is in a difficult minute of it! Learn to be grateful to those who came into our lives, and release those who have disappeared from it. Learn how to protect and be able to share kindness and warmth. In life, as in the riot of colors of autumn, there are all shades of colors – from warm to cold and from bright to grey! I wish all of you a pure, true feelings, beautiful and dignified attitudes and actions of respect and love for his family and to himself, light and happiness of a lifetime!” – says the businesswoman.