Larissa Kopenkina know who is the father of the child Kalashnikova

Лариса Копенкина узнала, кто является отцом ребенка Калашниковой

While Anna Kalashnikov blames all their troubles Larissa Kopenkina, herself a businesswoman, and recently a regular at the star parties, trying to figure out who is the father of the child Anna.

Attempts Larisa already have your results and the first father of Daniel defined.

According to Kopenkina, dad young Danny is a man with a Kalashnikov is in the fancy.

According to Larisa, this man has more than twice as old as Anna, in addition, he has his own family, which, of course, didn’t have a clue.

“Assumptions are. Is the one who contains it. It’s quite an elderly man, who is beyond 60. He has a family. This is a very wealthy man, and Anya he goes to the fancy. Father Daniel is the one who contains Anna and her child”, – told ex-wife Chaliapin.

This version seems plausible to friends and acquaintances of the pair of Kalashnikov Chaliapin. They have long noticed that Anna, an aspiring actress and model, and even a young mother on maternity leave, is clearly living beyond its means and that money she is always more than Prokhor, who continuously gives concerts and goes on tour.

Recall that because of unconfirmed paternity Chaliapin called off the wedding, and later called his ex-wife Larisa Kopenkina a witch.


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