Larissa Kopenkina eliminates the effects of a serious accident

Лариса Копенкина устраняет последствия серьезной аварии Ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin went to the doctors to restore her hand. This is the second operation, which moved Larisa Kopenkina. The woman is optimistic and is gradually recovering after surgery.

      Businesswoman and ex-wife of Prokhor Chaliapin Larisa Kopenkina recently underwent a lengthy operation on his arm. She announced this in one of my social networks.

      “More than three hours of surgery, and I have a normal hand, to forget about this nightmare after the accident. Thank you to these wonderful doctors and all the hospital staff! Even when we are wrong, we can find the strength to smile,” shared a woman in her Instagram.

      At the moment, Larissa is recovering from surgery.

      “I was lying in the hospital. After the accident, which happened five years ago, I had problems with the hand. Previously, no one noticed, and now everything should return to normal. As soon as I remove those stitches look. I had a very badly injured arm, I all the time concealed, removed, hidden. This is the second operation after the incident. Then I lay in a cast for two months. A year later, I was operated on first one hand and now the second. The accident was my fault, I was behind the wheel,” – said Larisa Kopenkina “StarHit”.

      According to the woman, now she feels fine. “In intensive care is a feeling that everyone behind and in front of a happy life. Everything passes, and this also,” said a businesswoman.

      Subscribers Kopenkina wish her health and leave the other woman warm wishes. “Get better soon, let everything be good, Not get sick, you are gorgeous! Sincere, open, energetic”, “the girl in the photos”, “Thanks to the doctors, they were good. It is now so rare, even for big money”, “Larochka, you are always beautiful, God forbid anyone to look like that” – write followers businesswoman in the comments to her post.

      By the way, not so long ago “StarHit” wrote about the fact that Larisa Kopenkina and her ex-husband Prokhor Chaliapin will reunite to record a new program of NTV. Businesswoman and singer will lead a new talk show that will be similar to the project of the First channel “Mugsie/Female”. Chaliapin and Kopenkina will share their experience with the program. They will tell you how to find harmony in his personal life. Release date of broadcast not yet known. Prokhor Chaliapin and Larissa Kopenkina back together