Larissa Kopenkina decided on plastic neck

Лариса Копенкина решилась на пластику шеи Ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin had surgery. She admitted that this step pushed her negative comments. The woman did not hesitate to share the details of the medical intervention, since he believed that at her age it is permissible.

      Often the stars of our show business are turning to surgeons for the sake of beauty. Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy – and much more, according to the artists, allowing them to always stay on top. It is no secret that even young celebrities have begun to use such health services that often causes criticism from the public.

      But the ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin plastic surgery done for another reason, a businesswoman wants to stay young longer. “At my age it is normal. That’s when, very young girls doing here is unclear – there are no ugly women! Each has something special. But I in recent years, many have written on social networks, they say that you have with the neck. Thought and thought and made her facelift. I am not ashamed”, says the businesswoman with “StarHit”.

      Now, during the recovery period, the woman should keep quiet and follow the doctor’s recommendations. It is easy to Kopenkina, because there is a beloved man. However Larissa admits that she decided to take the step, not for him.

      Larissa Kopenkina: “I Have had a second child!”

      “That’s all they say that I had the surgery for someone else. I made for myself! I believe that woman in General should do everything for yourself! It was originally whole, complete, only then will attract a decent man and will overflow the Cup. If the girl is empty or, for example, lives not for himself but only for him, she’s defective”.

      Larissa a lot, and philosophizes in his microblog. Teaches podeschi to be feminine, wise, interesting. Many ask for her advice directly in the comments, someone writes a personal message. And one day the fan broke down and literally begged Kopenkina about meeting eye to eye. “Can you believe she was begging, I finally agreed – and invited her to his office. Well, she said, they say everything is bad, men do not, as I live, I can’t take it anymore. And she – beautiful, smart, wealthy! Yes, millions would kill to be in her place! So instead of sympathy I just scolded. After a time, she called back and said thank you. Admitted that I was right and life really has changed.”

      The woman admits that much of her worldview was influenced by the accident in which it came. After a long rehabilitation Larisa again found the strength to live and enjoy every day. “That’s what I thought: if I can go to the window on his feet, so I’m the happiest person. We do not appreciate what you have. And for good reason. Many do not have even the most habitual for us: the hands, homes, loved ones. So I always urge everyone to remember it”.