Larisa Verbitskaya told how to stay slim after 50

Лариса Вербицкая рассказала, как оставаться стройной после 50-ти
The presenter knows how to make the process of losing weight enjoyable and useful.

Photo: Instagram

Larisa Verbitskaya this year will be 58 years old but the presenter managed to keep a girlish figure. One would assume that the star was just lucky with the genes, but no. Her lovely form is the result of the daily struggle for everyone, “whosoever will be deposited on the sides of the” extra pounds.

Verbitskaya personally brought the formula for a perfect nutrition and are now ready to share their knowledge with other women who want to lose weight nice and helpful.

“I have promised to write a post on “How to make the process of losing weight enjoyable, rewarding and effective.” Try it!!! — Larissa wrote in a personal blog. — So you can eat quite a long time. The main thing to remember, what is possible and what is not. ANYTHING SWEET, STARCHY foods, FAT!!! From cereals — only buckwheat and oatmeal in the morning. One small piece of fruit once a day or a handful of berries in the morning. NOT pasta, other cereals, peas, beans, corn, carrots, beets. You CAN — sometimes brown rice. Vegetables, including green peas, green beans. Milk, but not fat. You CAN fish, seafood, and lean meat (grilled, slow cooker, oven, steamed or boiled). IMPORTANTLY, there are 5-6 times a day small portions of 120-150 grams at a time. Drink water, herbal infusions, coffee (1 Cup in the morning). Fruit not bananas, grapes. You can — dried fruit. The eggs, moth — at least. You can eat soups, but lean on weak broth without grains, potatoes and roast. At night it is better to eat light protein (e.g., cheese), fish — 3 hours before bedtime. MILK NOT! It causes fermentation. Vegetables just stewed. Avocados are best eaten for lunch with a salad. A LITTLE NUTS WILL ONLY BENEFIT!!! SPICES, SMOKED FOOD, ALCOHOL EXCLUDED!!! The process of addiction I have lasted a week. The restructuring of the body was held for 21 days. The result is felt already after 5-7 days. OVER TIME, You will be able to expand the menu. Good luck!!!”

Subscribers of the blog Verbitskaya doubted that such Regis food can indeed be enjoyable. Useful, Yes, but not satisfying. However, many female fans of Larissa decided to try to eat this way.

“In parallel, try Nordic walking!” — continued Larisa fans to agitate for a healthy way of life.

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