Лариса Лужина: поиски настоящей любви среди случайных романов Today the star of Soviet cinema, turned 79 years old. Filmography of Larisa Luzhin has more than one hundred paintings, including “Vertical”, “On seven winds”, “Silence”. Exceptional talent and good looks of Larissa anatolevny could not leave indifferent neither the viewer nor the surrounding men.
Лариса Лужина: поиски настоящей любви среди случайных романов

Larissa Luzhin was born in Leningrad, where her family had to survive during the siege. The war took away the girl’s older sister, grandmother and father. Larisa and her mother miraculously managed to survive the blockade and wait for rescue. After the war the family moved to a relative in Tallinn, the city where the future actress began to take the first steps towards the art.

Larissa began to walk in the school drama club, the children staged plays under the guidance of the famous artist – Ivan Rassomakhin. From the moment Larissa realized that really wants to become an actress.

After high school she went to apply at the theatrical Institute in Leningrad. Due to the large competition Larissa was not able to do, had to return to Tallinn. In the city of his childhood Larisa had to do the hard work: she worked at a pharmaceutical plant, then at the candy factory.

Лариса Лужина: поиски настоящей любви среди случайных романов

Then Larissa came in local House, where during one of the shows she was noticed and invited to the shooting of the film “wedding Crashers”. On the set of the girl met Laius Lleida, a student of VGIK, which further tips and links – helped Larisa to go to College. Thus began the way a girl and her dream.

Larissa immediately began to work with famous Directors, and she soon became famous. Paintings with her participation was a resounding success, there were many proposals, but because of my busy acting schedule some had to be abandoned. So the artist refused to continue training and work in the Moscow art Theater…

While still a student, Larissa met his first love. Her lover was the cameraman Aleksei Chardynin, a marriage which lasted about six years. A divorce followed, after which the life of the actress there was one operator – Valery Shuvalov, who became a father only child, Larissa Luzhin. But this Union also ended in divorce, after which followed two more marriage, none of which was successful.

Лариса Лужина: поиски настоящей любви среди случайных романов“A little regret about the second marriage. First husband I was the operator. The good time was. We are young students in love. Maybe we had a love, but it quickly ended: in five or six years. Second husband – Valery Shuvalov, I have a son from him. Here, I believe that I betrayed him. And then, perhaps, it all comes back, you have to pay for it. Maybe that’s why my next marriage was unsuccessful. That’s what I regret. I had to think a bit to look forward and not live for today”, – says the actress about the past.
Лариса Лужина: поиски настоящей любви среди случайных романов

Despite the numerous marriages and divorces in the life of Larissa anatolevny had a lot of romance. Vladimir Vysotsky dedicated to the actress her song “She was in Paris,” tried to court her, often brought her favorite champagne. But the actress does not reciprocate, being a married woman. The relationship between Luzhin and Vysotsky never resulted in something more serious, as after the divorce, Larissa the popular singer has already lost the head from the charm of Marina Vlady.

But Vysotsky was not the only one who tried to take care of a talented artist in her student years and dedicated her one of his works. On one of the student parties Larissa met with at least a popular performer, a bard Bulat Okudzhava. Between them have chemistry, but the romance never turned into a full-length novel. Bulat Shalvovich everywhere represented the actress as his “talisman”. It Okudzhava supported Larisa, when all turned away from the girl after a controversial article in the French magazine Paris Match, where the journalist condemned the “idle way of life of the Moscow students”.

Was Larisa’s novel and directed by Stanislav Rostotsky. During the filming of the picture “On seven winds” he tried to care for her, but she didn’t reciprocate. Romance ensued during international festivals, but none could accurately say that between the Director and the actress had something. Soon the affair came to naught, and between Rostotsky and Luzhin were just friendship.

“It is now difficult to understand the time during which our youth – what is called the thaw. Saying that it was then the feeling of sudden freedom. I do not remember this. In my opinion, it was essential to the universal crazy love. It was some sort of nonsense novels…” – says the days of his youth Larisa.

Over a lifetime, the artist did not manage to find the love of your life. Today Larisa continues to act plays at the theater. Her son Pavel Shuvalov works as a sound engineer at the Studio “Mosfilm”, he is married with a large family. The famous actress is the proud grandmother of three grandchildren, with whom he tries to see more and to take an active part in their lives.