Лариса Лужина перенесла серьезную операцию на сердце The actress is recovering. Larisa Luzhin was an arrhythmia, and a blood clot. The doctors were able to correct the situation. Now the star needs to restore health.
Лариса Лужина перенесла серьезную операцию на сердце

Some time ago, Larissa Luzhina has transferred operation on heart. For several months she complained of breathing problems. She thanked the doctors from the military hospital, which conducted surgery. About four hours Luzhin was on a respirator.

“The operation was heavy. I have atrial fibrillation in the atrium and a clot formed. Had to get rid of it. During surgery he removed a piece of heart, so I became even less”, – explained the star.
Лариса Лужина перенесла серьезную операцию на сердце

The Fund, which helps artists, Luzhin has allocated funds for the rehabilitation. “In hospitals watching me doing the analyses, put a dropper, performed gymnastics,” said the actress.

Luzhin was four times married, but all her marriages were unsuccessful. Now the star of films “On seven winds”, “Penalty kick”, “Vertical” suffers from loneliness.

“I come with joy to his apartment. It happens that sometimes a glass of water no one to apply. Especially here when it is bad with heart. I’m afraid, God forbid, become worse and will not have time to reach his phone. Men usually start to look young. Who can I find? I contain nobody will – I, God forbid, grandchildren to grow”, – said Larisa.

From Luzhin has grandchildren who were born in the marriage of her son Paul Shuvalov. The actress tries to help them with money, which is very difficult.

Larisa Luzhin explained why he handed over the son to boarding school

“The eldest is studying on a paid Department of the faculty of global processes. And you know that training costs a lot of money. We pay 360 thousand roubles a year. Fortunately, he’s a straight-a student, all the exams he passes. God forbid, to keep it continued. Despite good progress, on the budget it is unlikely to be transferred. Because there are very few places. The youngest grandson went to the first class, and the middle – Matthew – ninth. Incidentally, he took my name. It so happened that he was born Shuvalov. But as I end the race in 14 years, receiving a passport, I decided to give. Now he is Luzhin-Shuvalov. Unfortunately, my grandchildren do not see each other so often. But I try to the theatre together or take a trip” – says Luzhin.

However, this summer the movie star will probably be able to spend time with their grandchildren. As reported by Luzhin in an interview with “Interlocutor”, she wants to go with them to Bulgaria.