Larisa Luzhin explained why he handed over the son to boarding school

Лариса Лужина объяснила, почему сдала сына в интернат The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. On a talk show Luzhin openly talked about failed marriages, about how much pain brought loving her men. And what price the artist is paid for their sins.
Лариса Лужина объяснила, почему сдала сына в интернат

Larisa Luzhin became famous after roles in the films “On seven winds “,”Penalty kick”, “Vertical”… the Actress left the mind of many poets, musicians, filmmakers. She was four times married, but all marriages ended in tragedy both for no and for men.

First Luzhin became the cameraman Aleksei Chardynin. The actress admitted that fell in love with him at first sight. Larisa fondly remembers family life with him. According to the artist, he was a silent, attentive, insanely handsome, but pathologically jealous. Chardynin couldn’t stand when famous wife admired by other men. In this marriage the actor suffered a minor heart attack and lost the baby, when he was filming in Germany.

“I lost the baby… then after that had an effect on Alex. Ectopic pregnancy I ended up with a direct attack to the shooting, had died. I called an ambulance oftenly to the hospital. The doctors I miraculously saved, and the child died,” said the actress.
Лариса Лужина объяснила, почему сдала сына в интернат

After the tragedy of the relations between the spouses deteriorated completely. Luzhin met someone else. New beloved actress became Valery Shuvalov, he also worked as an operator. As admitted, actress men of this profession always silent and mysterious, this quality she was particularly attracted. In this marriage the actress was born the long-awaited heir to Paul. However, this Alliance soon collapsed when the son of the star was not six years. Luzhin met a new love – screenwriter Vladimir Gusakov.

As admitted Larisa, in that moment, she made a fatal mistake. Relatives Shuvalov was against what Paul was raised by another man, and not the father. The actress, meanwhile, was torn between filming and constant touring. Luzhin then decided to give his only son to boarding school.

“Boarding school… Again the story of my life when I first betrayed his father, Valeriy Shuvalov, then a son. When Paschke was 6 years old… they All started to bully me. He has a father! And how Pasha will bring up strange men?! And we decided to send him to boarding school. I have another love… Already hate myself for it. I could not lie, unfortunately, frankly declared that I was in love: can’t live with Valera. Did something really bad, I believe that God is punishing me for it”, – said Luzhin.
Лариса Лужина объяснила, почему сдала сына в интернат

Two and a half years, the son of the actress has spent in the boarding school. Luzhin has told that the Pasha hated the institution. The actress took home a boy only on Saturday and Sunday.

“He fell into the hands of educators… Which absolutely did not like children, my Lord, as soon as Monday arrived… He becomes lethargic, did not eat anything… When children came to boarding school the teacher shouted: “Quickly to remove the cap! The nails show! To pull out of your pockets!”. He stayed there two and a half years… And I took it. Then Pasha was never with me, he was a secretive boy. We love each other, but not each other to reveal the soul. Between us there is an obstacle,” admitted Larisa.
Лариса Лужина объяснила, почему сдала сына в интернат

The third marriage of the artist also did not work. Vladimir Gusakov loved to have an affair. During a tour Luzhin caught him drinking brandy in the company of the actress. Larisa made a scene of jealousy, she even thought to commit suicide. However, in her confession, she thought better of it. Soon Gusakov and Luzhin got divorced.

The fourth and last husband of Larisa Anatolyevna was a concert administrator Vyacheslav Matveev. According to Luzhin, she paid for all my sins in full. After this marriage, the actress no longer wants to get married and have a relationship.

“I’m not respected nor valued me. He had other relations with other women. Then he became a player… he Lost all his money. And I paid the actors a fee of their own. I the same air I can’t breathe with this man. But it so happened that I needed someone to lean on when I divorced him… And that got in the way this person is, he gave me a helping hand and I, without hesitation, grabbed it. Turns out he is an evil man. I so punished by God,” said Luzhin.

The actress admitted that today is absolutely happy: she has three grandchildren, the beloved son of Paul, who does not hold a grudge on her. The heir Luzhin over the years realized that the mother could not do otherwise.