Лариса Луппиан о болезни Михаила Боярского: «Он пил жутко, страшно» The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Larisa Luppian told about how it was made famous by the wife of Mikhail Boyarsky. Within a few years after the wedding, she tried to cure him of his alcoholism.
Лариса Луппиан о болезни Михаила Боярского: «Он пил жутко, страшно»

Larisa Luppian admitted that in the beginning of the relationship with Mikhail Boyarsky he was in no hurry to marry her. About a year lovers met in the theater, learned each other’s interests, and after the first location, by that time already a famous actor boyar decided to stop communicating with the aspiring young actress Luppian.

“First born a spiritual love, then such carnal. And when he did… He’s long gone. Met, loved, parted. Misha could not understand what we love. Here we go, meet, then – BAM!.. And he disappears for a long time,” recalled Larissa Reginalda.

According to Luppian, in the early 70s boyar was surrounded by crowds of fans and a resounding success. But close friends of the actor in the theater insisted that he stopped his choice on Larisa Reginaldo. “Toll Ravikovich… He said, “Bear, marry Larissa. Best you’re going to find!” He was an expert. And Misha was still spinning, grasshopper spun,” admitted Luppian.

In the end, the actors played after the wedding. But the Union of young, not all were happy, teacher Larisa Reginaldo famous Director, Soviet film and theater actor, teacher, Igor Petrovich Vladimirov tried to take care of Luppian. She’ll admit, in the beginning of her career she didn’t understand what you mean by attentions of the master. Moreover, he was married to Alice Brunova Freundlich.

“Well, Alice Brunovna, she’s an actress… Maybe she’d know him better than we, but he idolized her as an actress. They very kindly treated each other. Courtship for me was the bounds of decency. Today is the harassment! I like a woman outraged. Men should care for women should aspire to! Think that’s right. It’s natural. I am surprised that it is prohibited… I understand rape, but when a man cares for a woman, there is nothing wrong. I know that Igor Petrovich was a man,” shared the actress.

Also Larisa Reginaldo admitted that after the birth of their first child, a son Sergei, she wanted to get away from the wife. According to her, the boyars started to drink together with colleagues in the theatre and cinema. “Just drink… It was a very difficult period after “Musketeers”, in 70-e years were all drinking… so many were dead already. They drank creepy, scary, but Yes, there was a time. In General, the whole country was drunk”, – said the artist.

Patience Larisa Reginaldo soon burst, she went ahead and filed for divorce. But in this day, when her marriage to the boyar had to cancel, the actor went to the hospital with inflammation of the pancreas. Luppian regretted famous husband and stayed with him. Soon the couple had a daughter Elizabeth, who followed in the footsteps of the Pope.

“It was possible to get a divorce… But Mike’s a terrific father. He adored children, and Lisa, and Jacob. He was carried into the house. We are very different people, I never make trouble, very much like his dad. There is much I suffer, I can… Today I was dataclas good to Misha. Now he was a remarkable man,” – said Larisa Reginalda.