Larisa Guzeeva with style equipped holiday house. PHOTO

Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО Designers invited presenter renovation in Victorian style. Larisa Guzeeva was satisfied with a luxurious interior, the so-called ceremonial and solemn.

      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО

      Famous actress and presenter of the First channel Larisa Guzeeva and her family fifteen years living in the suburban house is built by the husband of the star, restaurateur Igor Bukharov. During this time, Larisa Guzeeva never showed his mansion fans. The media personality made an exception only for the authors of “a Perfect repair”, deciding to pereobuchitj in the house kitchen and living room.

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      “I was not, none of the channel, neither the magazine nor for any money for any “please, Larisochka”, I’m here let nobody – admitted Guzeeva leading the program “a Perfect repair” Natasha Barbier. – If I’m nervous, don’t get me wrong. My home is my skin.”

      The actress has been asked to make repairs in the kitchen-living room area of 55 square meters.

      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО“Kitchen, the smell of food. My domestic curve, irritated. Lunch on the veranda, – explained the hostess. And I beg you to there was no tech. Everything has to be luxuriously”.

      Family, in recognition of Larisa Guzeeva, rebelled against repair. And daughter, mother and spouse of Kim and believe that their house is perfect, and don’t want to change anything. But the TV presenter decided that this update should in the first place, she herself took a chance.

      The designers took into account this fact, and decided not to change the General direction of the room, suggesting the fixation of the Victorian style.

      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО

      The builders had to reformat the space, move walls. They were then aligned to the joints of the walls with the ceiling moldings appeared in the art Deco style.

      Modern radiators have been dismantled, because it does not fit into the new interior. Their place was taken by the battery in a retro style, the legs are stylized under paws of a lion.

      The walls are decorated with a panoramic Wallpaper, hand technology murals. The choice of pattern is amazing, this is a very large flowers, now this style is in fashion. The uniqueness of the pattern is that it can be continued indefinitely, and the repetition and seams are not visible.

      As furniture for kitchen selected the elegant classic model with the color of dark wood with the most modern fittings. The colour is a rich cognac. To protect the mural in the area of apron was used bleached and tempered glass. Table top is made of Spanish quartz stone, it has antibacterial protection with silver, the quartz is durable, resistant to scratches and stains.

      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО

      Cornices for Windows ordered a special – with a reinforced aluminum frame, because the curtains are very heavy. Tulle lace with embroidered border cream color. Pelmets made of velvet, their inner lining is painted in gold tone. In the kitchen-living room, new doors jungle green. It picked up the murals.

      Part of the living room designers turned to the library. Here are collected cookbooks from the collection of Larisa Guzeeva. For them there is a special open shelving in classic style, made of eco-veneer effect wood. The living room has installed a four-meter unspreadable sofa, he padded microflora with Teflon impregnation.

      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО

      From the lounge there is exit to the stairs, it is also updated – reduced the height of the stands, the railing was replaced by brass, restored stage. In the living room there are many flowers. All pots are equipped with automatic irrigation system.

      The room and asked the lady of the house became a showpiece, a luxurious and solemn. Larisa Guzeeva was satisfied.

      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО“This is brilliant! Such a beauty! Something incredible just. Just what I needed. I really like it all. It’s just in the top ten. Everything is thought out, very cool! Thanks to everyone who worked on this project,” thanked Larisa Guzeeva authors her new kitchen-living room.
      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО
      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО
      Лариса Гузеева с шиком обустроила загородный дом. ФОТО