Larisa Guzeeva: “We with Igor have experienced a very difficult winter”

Лариса Гузеева: «Мы с Игорем пережили очень непростую зиму» The presenter for the first time commented on the breakup with her husband. Larisa Guzeeva admitted that the crisis in her relationship with her husband Igor Buharov has not yet been overcome, but the worst is already behind us.

      Лариса Гузеева: «Мы с Игорем пережили очень непростую зиму»

      Popular TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva in the program “let’s get married!” helps lonely people to find family happiness. But as it became known, the family of the star itself has cracked.

      As it turned out, last winter, Larisa Guzeeva and her husband Igor Bukharov, who live married for twenty years, was close to rupture. The pair now is still not fully overcome the serious crisis in relations. About what happens in her family, Larisa Guzeeva frankly told in the program “a Perfect repair”, warning that Igor Bukharov will not be with her when after pereobulsya she’ll walk into your updated home. The couple now live separately, meeting on the set of a new show the First channel “Tilfellet”.

      Лариса Гузеева: «Мы с Игорем пережили очень непростую зиму»“Igor has survived a very difficult winter – confessed Larissa guzeyeva. Everything I said earlier about our breakup, really. There is no smoke without fire. We together with Igor for 20 years, anything can happen. Our brains involved, we decided not to tell the country. What happened with us, can survive, and we survived. But family crisis is not yet overcome. Igor will be with me in the day when I walk into the house after renovation. Until. Struggling we try with Igor on the project, because our fans are not obliged to suffer along with us. Thank you all for your participation. Thank God, we got away with it, divorce will not.”

      Recall that she and her husband had problems, Larisa Guzeeva first told in the program “Smak” in September last year. The star admitted that lately she is forced to follow Igor Buharov. Larisa Guzeeva found evidence of infidelity of her husband

      “I check my husband’s phone, see who its subscribers will. And once there found this stuff! I immediately to Igor: “this maiden are you doing?” And he began to tell me that accidentally poked her, they’d removed. But the scandal we had, just before the divorce did not come!” – told Larisa Guzeeva.

      This recognition then impressed many. But the main sensation was ahead in February in the program “let’s get married!” presenter admitted that she and her husband live separately.

      Subscribers microblog Larisa Guzeeva after the transmission pelted her with questions and requests to tell the truth about what is happening in their relationship with Igor Buharov. However, to disclose the details of the quarrel with her husband TV presenter and actress decided only after realized that it will be able to keep the family together.