Larisa Guzeeva was seriously injured

Лариса Гузеева получила серьезную травму
TV presenter suffered on the birthday of his daughter.

Photo: Instagram

A few days ago the daughter of Larisa Guzeeva Olga celebrated its 18th anniversary. In honor of the birthday girl in the house star of the family was arranged a Banquet. Prepared, of course, the very Larissa. In the kitchen she is a chef, the rest are just apprentice.

While cooking holiday meals leading “let’s get married” was heavily cut. His hand had heavily bandaged, and the menu for the holiday to be shortened by half. The cut was so deep that it was delayed until now. And on stage Guzeeva have to go with a bandage.

“Now I regret comrades on the road!” — says Larissa.

Now the whole family Guzeeva suffers greatly. It turns out that the presenter so spoiled their home that they refuse to eat food not cooked by it!

“When I go away for a long time, they don’t eat anything — upset Guzeeva. — Lelka (daughter Guzeeva. — Approx. only eats my food, Igor (male stars) too, mom can only cook their own porridge. Get off the road, and they have deer eyes, as if I was in the orphanage with gifts arrived and they all waited for me. So brazen that even the heat can’t. Ask why it is not touched? Oh, we didn’t see. So when you leave, put all things in sudochki and sign. Because everyone eats different. Igor at Breakfast. Mom. George (son), if he and his girlfriend Anya will come. Write Lele dumplings: “know how to Cook and emerge for another 7 minutes.” So if you lay still unable to eat… I Cook industrial scale. I have all the pots at 10 liters. But there is a plus: it helps me to relax from heavy shots, endless stories of brides and grooms. Distracted by the earthly master”.