Larisa Guzeeva was publicly rude to podyschite

Лариса Гузеева публично нагрубила подписчице The presenter responded sharply to criticism on the Internet. Larisa Guzeeva openly rude to a fan who allowed himself to speak impartially in the comments to the photo of the star.
Лариса Гузеева публично нагрубила подписчице

Larisa Guzeeva, like many famous people, actively use social media. TV presenter posts Instagram working photo from the shooting and performances, to share with the subscribers personal news, publishes pictures with guests. Unlike some stars Guzeeva often and quite frankly respond to the questions and comments from Internet users, and sometimes in pretty rough shape.

At the may holidays Larissa with her daughter went to Paris and shared his joy by posting a photo on the Network in the background the arc de Triomphe.

“Paris. May 1. Evening. Hi all and a lot of happiness!” signed Guzeeva photo.

In addition to the usual rave reviews and declarations of love under this post appeared and critical comment. Guzeeva wrote: “a Terrible kind of picture. What she hands doing something?”. What actress and TV presenter Guzeeva said the address “She hands sends you deep in there…”. Comment from Larissa immediately gathered thousands of Likes.

But not all netizens were amazed by the reaction of a star. Some publicly denounced Guzeeva rude, and even demanded an explanation. “Why such a reaction on comments? Not everyone has to admire your photos,” wrote Guzeeva. And this remark, the actress did not leave without attention, saying he did not tolerate rudeness.

“Delights not welcome, rudeness is not tolerated!” – said Larisa Andreevna.

Those who supported Guzeeva, believe that the presenter did the right thing by answering bluntly. “Do you tolerate rudeness in my house?!” – they were indignant. Others noticed that such a response is beneath the dignity of a great actress. “Always admired your aphorisms with humor, but this answer. In shock! I have not seen anything offensive, but the answer is not worthy of you!” – posted by Larissa.

Guzeeva never, as they say, had a way with words, and last year warned detractors that criticism will not stand at all and her eyes are evil. “So… cheap enemies, I know how old I am, how much I weigh and where you work, if once again some trash dares to defecate on my page – curse. And eyes, like my neighbor, I have heavy. And to all my lovely friends, as always joy!” — posted by Larissa guzeyeva on his page in the microblog.