Larisa Guzeeva was in domestic slavery

Лариса Гузеева попала в домашнее рабство
Star of television and movie spends a lot of time at the stove.

Photo: Instagram

Larissa guzeyeva told me about your life, what has shocked their fans. It turns out that the presenter was so spoiled by her family that her “home”, refuse to eat food not cooked by it!

“When I go away for a long time, they don’t eat anything, upset Guzeeva. — Lelka (daughter Guzeeva. — Approx. only eats my food, Igor (male stars) too, mom can only cook their own porridge. Get off the road, and they have deer eyes, as if I was in the orphanage with gifts arrived and they all waited for me. So brazen that even the heat can’t. Ask why it is not touched? Oh, we didn’t see. So when you leave, put all things in sudochki and sign. Because everyone eats different. Igor at Breakfast. Mom. George (son), if he and his girlfriend Anya will come. Write Lele dumplings: “know how to Cook and emerge for another 7 minutes.” So if you lay still unable to eat… I Cook industrial scale. I have all the pots at 10 liters. But there is a plus: it helps me to relax from heavy shots, endless stories of brides and grooms. Distracted by the earthly master”.

Well at least that removes Guzeeva in the house itself. At the presenter is even a little time to sleep!

“I have 24 years housekeeper”, — Larisa told

However, Guzeeva does not like to take responsibility for cooking for one or two family members in the near future. TV presenter admitted that he has long been ready to be a grandmother and looking forward to the birth of a grandson or granddaughter. Recently, the presenter told us that he forbade his daughter Anna to have an abortion. Main matchmaker of the country sure, in the case that beloved son George suddenly gets pregnant, then they should definitely get married.

“I’m for early marriages, let them get married, get married, have children. It does not, God forbid, anything my dad will be standing by. What else can you do? — surprised Larissa. And early children well, and later too. What’s the difference? It does not matter. But I told Lele: abortion do not give neither Anka nor you. Therefore, you have to understand that every man that appears in your life, — a potential father of your child. For life!”