Larisa Guzeeva was “celebrity” picnic in the country

Лариса Гузеева устроила «звездный» пикник за городом TV presenter and actress had some fun on the may along with Natasha Koroleva, Stanislav Govorukhin, Levon Oganezova, Vladimir Vinokur and other relatives. Celebrity fun and easy noted may holidays.

      Лариса Гузеева устроила «звездный» пикник за городом

      Celebrities are people too and nothing human is alien to them. To fry shish kebabs on the nature, to dance and drink some strong drink — all these traditional “may” activity, which are repeated from year to year, the stars also love. In the may holidays leading the program “let’s get married!” and the deserved actress Larisa Guzeeva decided to have a picnic in the nature, away from city bustle and noise.

      The company the actress and media personality has made other famous people — Natasha Queen mother Lyudmila Poryvai, Director Stanislav Govorukhin, humorist Vladimir Vinokur, pianist Levon Oganezov and many others.

      Лариса Гузеева устроила «звездный» пикник за городом

      Apparently, the holiday was a success. The stars had fun and had a wonderful relaxing time, replacing all familiar from TV fancy dress in comfortable clothes in sporty style. Larisa Guzeeva wished the fans not to cheer and to achieve success. “Be healthy! Live richly,” wrote TV presenter in his microblog. She also called the distiller and leader of your favorite men.” In addition, in one of the photos shows that people’s artist and a virtuoso pianist Levon Oganezov acted as a musician at a friendly meal. Especially his work like Lyudmila Poryvai, happily danced to the accompaniment of the famous composer.

      Лариса Гузеева устроила «звездный» пикник за городом

      Many subscribers stars enjoyed the fun and shared that they likewise spend a warm festive days. “Well done, have a rest”, “last night We also had fun”, “Be healthy and happy,” “All in the spring! World, may and good”, “Good family”, “Everything I love”, “it’s Great to have you there,” “I to you will rest,” he expressed his emotions fans Guzeeva and other artists.

      Apparently, Lyudmila Poryvai arrived in Russia on may holidays to rest and to see family. Recall, Natasha’s mother Queen lives in Miami, where the grandson takes care of the Archip. 14-year-old heir to the Queen, and Tarzan learns in one of American schools. Together with the grandmother they live in an apartment building overlooking the ocean. Next to the apartment of the star couple are apartment Valery Leontiev, Irina Allegrova and Igor Nikolaev. They say that the Queen specifically sent his son to study abroad, as Arkhip complex. According to the singer, the teenager is not going to follow in the footsteps of parents and to connect his life with show business, he is very far away from it all.

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