Larisa Guzeeva treats the nerves abroad

Лариса Гузеева лечит нервы за границей
The presenter told us about a difficult time.

Photo: Instagram

Presenter of the popular show “let’s get married” for two whole weeks missing from the Network: not published any new photos, did not comment on the posts of friends. Fans of the actress have sounded the alarm: where did Larisa Guzeeva? They wrote so many personal messages to the actress that she finally made contact. “My friends, I’m still here, thanks for the concern: end of the year was difficult and nerve — forces took Nemer, so he went to freshen up, while no, — I wrote to the presenter in a personal blog. — You want to think about myself and friends and villains and envious to drive the filthy broom out of your life!”

Unimportant is confirmed by the new photo of Larisa, which she published in a personal blog. Guzeeva took a photo in the mirror without styling and makeup. Where it restores your nervous system, star said. This is understandable: the presenter wants to have a rest, without attracting undue attention.

Previously, Larissa was told that it is very difficult just shooting “let’s get married”. Usually, she is saved from heavy everyday life with… cooking!

“I cook industrial scale,’ she says. — I have all the pots at 10 liters. But there is a plus: it helps me to relax from heavy shots, endless stories of brides and grooms. Distracted by the earthly master”.

But now, apparently, it was not enough. To truly rest and recover, Guzeeva and went out from the endless life, and from the TV Studio “let’s get married”.

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