Лариса Гузеева закатила вечеринку для подруг TV presenter celebrated the birthday in a circle of close people. Larisa Guzeeva was invited to a celebration of girlfriends. One of them gave the original star of the surprise which struck the imagination of guests.

      Лариса Гузеева закатила вечеринку для подруг

      One of the most popular TV presenters in the country, Larisa Guzeeva celebrated the birthday. The artist arranged for the occasion a fun bachelorette party, which came to her friends. Among the guests was presenter Julia Zimin and journalist Ekaterina Odintsova. The birthday girl was happy to have a nice date among close friends. And at the end of the evening it was waiting for a big surprise.

      To the applause of the guests stars husband made a huge cake, made in bright colours. Three tiers were decorated with the logos of their favourite brand leading and they were bottles of fine spirits. But on closer examination it was possible to guess that the toilet water can be quite a to taste.

      Лариса Гузеева закатила вечеринку для подруг

      “This tortise I gave my friend, all edible! Managed to master a couple of bottles!” – laughed Guzeeva, posting a photo with the cake.

      “The vials is made of candy”, “Wow… Fancy memory foam gift”, “a Great friend, and to all appearances, a very wealthy and not greedy” “that would be in the context to see what is there”, “happy birthday to You, You are very wise and beautiful woman with great intuition, often quoting You, because Your expressions the nail on the head. Happiness To You!” – wrote in the review fans of Larissa.

      Лариса Гузеева закатила вечеринку для подруг

      By the way, the star likes big companies and often gathers friends for a fun party. So on may holidays leading the program “let’s get married!” and the honored artist decided to arrange picnic on the nature, away from city bustle and noise. The company the actress and media personality has made other famous people — Natasha Queen mother Lyudmila Poryvai, Director Stanislav Govorukhin, humorist Vladimir Vinokur, pianist Levon Oganezov and many others.

      The pictures published in Instagram Guzeeva and her friends, it is clear that the idea of a good time managed. Larissa wished the fans not to cheer and to achieve success. “Be healthy! Live richly,” wrote TV presenter fans in his microblog. In addition, she was named distiller and leader of your favorite men.” People’s artist and a virtuoso pianist Levon Oganezov acted as a musician at a friendly meal. And Lyudmila Poryvai happily danced to the accompaniment of the famous composer.

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