Larisa Guzeeva threatened to curse the spiteful critics

Лариса Гузеева пригрозила проклясть злопыхателей The presenter reacted angrily to criticism. Larisa Guzeeva tired of the negative comments in his address, so I decided to answer the detractors. She advised the haters to leave her page in the social network.

Many celebrities are faced with criticism and negative comments from netizens under their posts on social networks. Some time ago in one of the media has pictures of Larisa Guzeeva, allegedly taken during her vacation on the beach. Critics began to actively discuss the shape of a star. Apparently, such talk has reached the most famous. Guzeeva decided to speak to the haters. Leading “let’s get married!” posted a picture from filming in the signature and addressed to critics.

“Yeah, sure. Cheap friends, I know how old I am, how much I weigh, and where you work. If again some kind of trash dares to defecate on my page, I will curse. And eyes, like my neighbor, I have heavy. And to all my lovely friends, as always joy!” – said the star.

Fans supported Larissa. Netizens who regularly watch the program with participation of TV presenter, noted her talent and great sense of humor. Sometimes fans Guzeeva worried about her condition. In particular, a few months ago, the Network appeared information about the fact that she disagrees with her husband. Later, the woman told honestly that they did have problems in the relationship. Larisa Guzeeva: “We with Igor have experienced a very difficult winter”

“Everything I said earlier about our breakup, really. There is no smoke without fire. We together with Igor for 20 years, anything can happen. Our brains involved, we decided not to tell the country. What happened with us, can survive, and we survived. But family crisis is not yet overcome. Igor will be with me in the day when I walk into the house after renovation. Until. Struggling we try with Igor on the project, because our fans are not obliged to suffer along with us,” said Guzeeva in the project.

Recall that 18 years Larisa Guzeeva lives in marriage with restaurateur Igor Buharov. They formalized the relationship in 1999. The couple has a daughter Olga, who was born a year after the marriage ceremony.