У Ларисы Гузеевой появился неожиданный конкурент
The presenter risks losing the title of the main matchmaker of the country.

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: @Instagram shnurovs Sergei Shnurov

It seems that Larisa Guzeeva has got a serious competitor. As it became known, soon, the First channel starts a new TV show about love and relationships, leading which will be… Sergey Shnurov! Such unexpected news at first set of fans of a musician in a stupor, because of the brutal Cord is hard to imagine in the way of advice on the “heart cases”.However, fans are confident that he will cope with the task on all hundred. By the way, Sergei will co-host: it was Sofiko Shevardnadze. Incidentally, the shooting of the TV show is already in full swing. The organizers of the project promise to see the result of their work will be already possible this autumn.

Participation in this unusual to his manner, it is likely to raise the ratings of a musician even higher. But not so long ago it became known that the soloist of group “Leningrad” and so takes the second place in the ranking of stars of domestic show-business according to “Forbes” over the past year.

It is not excluded that, having received enough experience in doing TV shows in this format, over time, Sergey will move in leading the project “let’s get married!”, and maybe even one day will take the chair Larisa Guzeeva. However, this is more like the raging imagination of fans of the artist, than the truth. So, the basis of experiences from the main matchmaker of the country yet.

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