Лариса Гузеева вступилась за звезду «Ворониных»
Julia Kuvarzina criticized for appearance.

Larisa Guzeeva and Julia Kuvarzina

Photo: @_larisa_guzeeva_ Instagram Larisa Guzeeva

Larissa guzeyeva for the family and loved ones is always the “mountain”. Today she came to the defense of a friend, and colleague — Julia Kuvarzina. Telebuha and star of the TV series “Voronin” together now tours the cities of Russia with the performance “Oh, the habit to marry”. Recently Larissa has published in social networks joint photo with Julia. Photo Kuvarzina looked to the words of the fans, “plump”, although recently, the actress boasted record results in losing weight. “She’s cheating? Where is she lost? What was such and remained” — write offensive comments Network users.

Larisa collapsed after waves of criticism have deleted this frame. “Deleted photo in full growth — bad lighting (was in a hurry to share). Well, not so! Lost — not lost! Duckface… Why? Spring fever?” — angry Guzeeva. Haters continued to insult Julia is already on her own page in social networks. It got to the point that someone had written to the actress that, they say, “Voronin” is not a worthy series on TV, and to play it should be just ashamed. Tactless remark offended Julia and Larissa brought out. “Stop giving stupid advice and go into someone else’s life!” writes Guzeeva.

Leading the First channel has long been adapted to put the enemies in place. Larisa is one of those women who in “his pocket for a word not climb”. This trait of her character recently put her in the slippery position. Contestant on “let’s get married” — 12-year-old schoolgirl Nastya Titova inflated in the Network a scandal due to the fact that Guzeeva allegedly insulted her on a TV program. The Network has even been published a petition created to collect signatures for the closure of the famous program. But then the scandal died down, and Larissa continued to take in the show.