Larisa Guzeeva spoke about problems with her husband

Лариса Гузеева высказалась о проблемах с мужем
Larisa Guzeeva is leading the program “let’s get married!”, where helps lonely people to find a soul mate.

Лариса Гузеева высказалась о проблемах с мужем

But it turned out that the guide had the most problems in the family.

Larisa told me that last winter was full of trials. She and her husband Igor Buharov practically dispersed.

Лариса Гузеева высказалась о проблемах с мужем

But fortunately the pair managed to overcome the crisis, though not to the end.

“Igor has survived a very difficult winter, – has told Guzeeva. Everything I said earlier about our breakup, really. There is no smoke without fire. We together with Igor for 20 years, anything can happen. Our brains involved, we decided not to tell the country. What happened with us, can survive, and we survived.

But family crisis is not yet overcome. Igor will be with me in the day when I walk into the house after renovation. Until. Struggling we try with Igor on the project, because our fans are not obliged to suffer along with us. Thank you all for your participation. Thank God, we got away with it, divorce will not.”

I hope that the family of Larisa Guzeeva again reigns idyll.

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