Larisa Guzeeva keeps children on a short leash

Лариса Гузеева держит детей на коротком поводке Actress and TV presenter is trying to keep the heirs from mistakes. Larisa Guzeeva is trying to pass on their experience to make life easier for the son and daughter. She advises them to wisely manage time, and to avoid the negative influence of friends.

      Лариса Гузеева держит детей на коротком поводке

      Well-known actress and popular TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva does not hide that in his youth made a lot of mistakes, which she is not always nice to remember. She realizes that now her children, 16-year-old Lola and 25-year-old George, gaining their experience. However, as a caring mother, guzeyeva is trying to make the heirs avoided the negative situations in your life with which in his youth had faced herself.

      “Often lament: why do I then live? So many things I would like to change, so many mistakes to avoid. Today we try to save this young cousins, nieces, son, daughter. The number of missteps that should take my children to gather intelligence, are clearly limited. They are on a short leash. I do sometimes go the wrong way, but to go into some doors, which she in her youth was banging on his feeble mind and because of the lack of mom around for them is unacceptable,” sincerely said the presenter.

      One of the bad habits the actress believes addiction to alcohol. Larisa understands that not everyone has the iron willpower to stop in time. The actress admits that loves the swing and so does all excessive. The same generous sentiments she considers her a daughter and a son. Also Guzeeva is trying to convince the heirs that they did not seek to constantly surround yourself with friends and companies.

      “One to be good, there are things to do. Me that were never explained. I fled, loved and hugged. And now the same fool,” says the actress.

      Also host of the show “let’s get married” regret the missed opportunities to take the courses to get more education. Only with age, she realized how important it is to constantly learn and engage in courses. Guzeeva pleased that Lola listens to his advice and learns from her past.

      Daughter Larisa Guzeeva: “I am lazy”

      “I passed a room and overheard her conversation with a friend on the phone. Lola had referred to me, quoted. Not that “but my mother said…”. Just voiced some of my thoughts,” confessed the actress in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.