Лариса Гузеева готовится к зиме
The presenter makes supplies for the winter.

Лариса Гузеева готовится к зиме

Larisa Guzeeva

Photo: Instagram Larisa Guzeeva @lara_guzya

Larisa Guzeeva already thinking about stocks of jam,
which to regale relatives in the winter. TV presenter bought several pounds of strawberries to cook
aromatic marmalades and jams. Guzeeva shared a photo of ripe berry. “Not wild strawberries, but… what a beauty! — says the actress. —
And you have the jar?”

Photo: Instagram Larisa Guzeeva @lara_guzya

By the way, another fan of the tea party Lolita already cooked the first batch of jam. In the first days of summer
the singer surprised fans with a photo with berries in pots. “Already put strawberry jam! The first 8 kg, which is not
live to see the end of the summer, thanks to Dima!”, — said Lolita.

admitted in an interview that he is preparing the inventory throughout the year. “When my husband and Dima
just started to live together, I don’t know what sweet he would allow himself only
jam. And in September it at me ended. I had in the supermarket
buy frozen berries in the bags, and I can say that jam from them
almost no taste, except the price, of course: more leaves, ” said the singer. But this is an option for those who wanted to jam in the fall or winter, all
still better purchase turns out.”

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