Larisa Guzeeva intervened in the scandal because of her daughter

Лариса Гузеева вмешалась в скандал, разгоревшийся из-за её дочки
The TV presenter has apologized for the behavior of Lely.

Лариса Гузеева вмешалась в скандал, разгоревшийся из-за её дочки

Larisa Guzeeva

Photo: @lara_guzya Instagram, Larish Guzeeva

Larisa Guzeeva once again had to put in place the raging detractors. A detonation is that before the TV star posted a photo of my daughter, razukrashivaya his face in the style of Halloween. Larissa, as she admitted later, just wanted to show the subscribers the ability of its successor, and instead accidentally provoked a scandal.

Lola is the daughter of Larisa Guzeeva

Photo: @lara_guzya Instagram Larisa Guzeeva

Almost immediately after the publication of Leli in makeup, in the comments under the photo of the subscribers harshly criticized the 16-year-old daughter Guzeeva. The main claim of malicious tongues was the fact that Halloween is “not ours”, that is, not Russian, celebration. Incidentally, this day, Russians have celebrated 15 years and more perceive Halloween as carnival night.However, the majority of subscribers were relentless, and then she reached what is called the day of satanic celebration. The address of Larissa, and Lelia was showered with insults that she just couldn’t ignore.

“All the guardians of morality, all the custodians of the Orthodox Faith, all the beauties, and the beginning of Guzeeva. — Suggest: pick up a drum and build from my page! I have the best daughter in the world — good and with a huge loving heart! Hurts — so sketches are drawn in color. All! Vseeeee!”

Incidentally, Guzeeva often stands up for the “offended”. Not so long ago she got into a verbal argument on the page in social networks with the spiteful critics Aliki Laughter.