Лариса Гузеева экстремально похудела
On the set of new block “let’s get married” presenter surprised postroynevshaya figure.

Лариса Гузеева экстремально похудела

This Guzeeva was in March

Photo: Instagram

Larisa Guzeeva seem very responsible approach to the upcoming holidays. TV presenter has published in his personal blog a photo, which shows how she lost weight.

This spring, on the screen and at social events can be seen in some robes that she wanted to hide the fullness. Even if the star wore pants, the top still wore some kind of baggy shirt.

On this new year’s shooting Guzeeva appeared in narrow trousers and an elegant sweater in black. Dark colors, as you know, slim, even more so Larissa seemed to have lost not just weight, but also 15 years!

By the way, the sudden weight loss is usually at the age of women floating face. Guzeeva is not touched! Or just lucky with genetics, or helped a professional beautician.

And so it is now!

Photo: Instagram

Fans just flooded the presenter compliments that she looks beautiful. “How are you so thin?!” — many people were interested in.

The reason for his excess weight, Larisa Guzeeva opened for a long time: she eats a lot. But in the diet do not much believe.

“The biggest misconception is to refuse to eat, — she said in one of his old interviews. — I several times went to the clinic fasting. In the end, lost ten pounds, and after a while gained twenty. Of these clinics, I came out haggard, unhappy, hunted look. Any diet from the Internet effective, if it is to comply. All the most popular diets work, choose for yourself and begin. There are no miracles. Thin people don’t eat much!”