Лариса Гузеева рассекретила жениха дочери TV presenter and actress posted on his page in Instagram the daughter Lelia and her lover Sergei. Judging by the photo, young people are very fond of each other.

Host of “let’s get married” Larisa Guzeeva says that for her, children important life and repeats that for them she is ready for everything. Larisa Andreevna, two of the heirs: son George and daughter Olga. The actress admits that despite her great love to her children, she did not interfere in their personal life, not give advice, but only watches and enjoys.

Daughter Guzeeva – Olga Bocharovoj, born in the marriage with restaurateur Igor Buharov, this year was 17 years old. She graduated from high school, and now wants to do modern art. She has favorite people. About Larisa Andreevna told in one interview, and now showed another photo of Lely.

“How quickly time flies! All love and joy!” signed touching the daughter Guzeeva.

Subscribers in response to wish our beloved actress of the same and sincerely happy for Larissa and her daughter. Many noted the external metamorphosis that occurred with her daughter Guzeeva. “Oh my God! I remember her on the show with blue hair, just a child. Oh, how! Pretty unreal! Just like her mother”, “elegant girl, young and beautiful, worthy of my mother’s continued. Larissa, You and joy and love, You are an unusual woman, Very touching photo: their expressions it is clear that the guys like each other… Happiness to your family! Happy New year!” – share views followers.

Fans of the actress suggested that the photo was taken in Bulgaria, which may be because, according to some data, Guzeeva a house there. In addition, many began to assume that such touching photos could be made, for example, during a proposal of marriage on the part of the elect.

Larisa Andreevna dreams of grandchildren. Guzeeva in favour of early marriage and against abortion , so it is possible that soon she could be the grandmother. And it seems that nothing can prevent it. Moreover, recently her son George after nearly 9 years of relationship, he proposed to his girl Anna. Larisa Guzeeva found a wife for his son