Larisa Guzeeva daughter gives important tips

Лариса Гузеева дает дочери важные советы Actress and TV presenter does not hide from the heir to the necessary knowledge. Larisa Guzeeva is trying to teach 16-year-old Lelia basic methods of self-care. The fans fully supported the celebrity, noting that parents should be friends to their kids.

      The daughter of a famous actress and host of “let’s get married” Larisa Guzeeva Lola is now in a transitional age. Usually during this period, young ladies trying to master the art of makeup, shape your style and taste. Larisa Guzeeva believes that moms have to share with the younger girls some useful advice on beauty and health. TV presenter on own example showed how important it is for youth to teach the child to follow the condition of their skin. The actress posted a photo where she along with 16-year-old Cherish did a mud mask for the face.

      “It seems to me, to share all sorts of “secrets” with the younger daughters correctly. You moms of daughters, I wish you harmony! Thank you for your good attitude towards me and trust!” – wrote the actress.

      Photos published Larisa Guzeeva (@lara_guzya) Jul 19 2016 5:24 PDT

      The fans picked up the message Guzeeva and fully supported her thoughts. They do not can be noted how important it is to find a common language with children and support them in the initial stages of life.

      “We are still eight months, but trying to do together. And very afraid, when the baby becomes an adult. How to protect from iniquities?”, “I hope that when my button grow, we will be as friendly”, “I just had to have in childhood! Golden words, Larissa!”, “Of course, right! My mom and I can talk on any subject, and many friends are jealous that I have such a trusting relationship with the mother!” – enthusiastically responded subscribers to the publication.

      Not so long ago the actress showed what clothes likes to wear her daughter. In one of the shopping centres, the young girl chose a monochrome outfit – the dress, cloak and hat of black color, and also put bright makeup. This circumstance so confused some fans of Larisa Guzeeva, who saw pictures of Lely. But my mother, apparently, does not discourage an image of his daughter. Larissa wisely refers to the search of his own style heiress and understands the thrust of teenagers for daring and sometimes even daring expression that they seek to convey through your appearance. Photo daughter Larisa Guzeeva created a furor in the Network

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