Лариса Гузеева похвасталась своим достижением

One of the brightest leading the First channel Larisa Guzeeva in the air of the program “let’s get married” often reveals some truth about himself. The actress has already admitted that in his youth he was a rebel, shaved head bald, did not behave the right way and much more.
Roughly speaking, Guzeeva does not hide the fact that nothing human is alien to her was not neither one nor now. In good company TV star can and a cigarette to smoke, and foul swear word and skip a glass.

By the way, because one of their weaknesses Guzeeva recently got in a fight with fans who rebuked the star that she was drinking champagne early in the morning.

Apparently, thinking, what do it has an impact on others, Larisa decided to say goodbye to one of its weakness. Guzeeva quit Smoking.

“Friends share: quit Smoking! Loved the dresses! Anyway, the summer is cool! Rejoice!” – shared the happy news Guzeeva.

However recently Larissa noted that Smoking it is actually not so much: “I don’t smoke, because it’s important for me to look like skin, hair, nails, teeth. Still, it’s my profession, my bread. I keep telling my mom: “If you beat me, I would quit”. My roommate and I stole my uncle Fyodor, deceased, miner cigarettes, six cents a pack… Poor girl grew up”.

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