Лариса Гузеева и Дмитрий Нагиев признались в любовной связи The stars shared their memories on TV. Larisa Guzeeva and Dmitry Nagiyev, participated in the show on the First channel, in which they revealed the secret shared in the past.

      Лариса Гузеева и Дмитрий Нагиев признались в любовной связи

      Larisa Guzeeva and Dmitry Nagiyev is not the first year are colleagues on the First channel. Both artists are popular shows. However, until now few knew that in his youth the stars of the ether linked not companionship. About his novel Larissa and Dmitry in a joking manner told in a humorous program “Rare”.

      When Guzeeva took the floor, she didn’t beat around the Bush and immediately opened the juicy details of his past. “I knew Dima Nagiyev when younger he called not his son. I was such a visionary that spun an affair with him before it became mainstream. The memory of that connection, I was left with a Juicer. With his light hand it’s a nickname I wore for a long time,” said Larisa.

      In addition, the star joked about the love exploits of the leading in the days of his youth, which he spent in the city on the Neva. “If you carefully inspect all the pillows in the female hostels of St. Petersburg, hairstyle Nagiyev can be collected back,” she said.

      His passionate speech finished leading a passionate confession. “I love you immensely, my boy,” said Guzeeva.

      The answer of Dmitry Larisa was not long to wait. Showman without false modesty, confirmed the intrigue of bygone days, and then he plunged into the memories associated with Guzeeva.

      “You know, if you leave in distant St. Petersburg, then still Leningrad, Lara was a beauty, a goddess, a femme fatale. She is, in fact, beautiful, goddess and femme fatale. Lar, you’re thirty years have not changed, is applied directly to Guzeeva Nagiyev. – Virtually no progress. As was the beautiful goddess, and left. Whatever we’re not told, you I have from those times – the most vivid memory. Though as a whole the Soviet Union has collapsed”.

      Recall that Larisa Guzeeva is one of the most prominent Russian actress. She has many years gives motherly advice to participants of the program “let’s get married”. Artist enjoys sharing personal experiences with young heroes, so that they could avoid mistakes in his life. During the existence shows his love find thousands of couples, many of whom have been living for families.

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