Лариса Гузеева призналась, что её раздражают коллеги
The presenter told us about his disgust.

Larisa Guzeeva

Photo: a shot from the air, “let’s get married!”

Larisa Guzeeva seems unshakable, but
actually, it turns out, there are things that still can lead presenter
out of balance. For example, as admitted
Guzeeva on one of the last editions of the show “let’s get married!”, she hates it when someone eats in her presence hands.

His reaction to eating food without the use of
Cutlery Guzeeva explains the terrible disgust. It also explains
that Larissa prefers to eat only what she cooked. As a result,
when one of the participants brings to the Studio program “let’s get married!” personally
cooked meals and offered to taste their leading, Larissa worth a lot
efforts to restrain their emotions. However, to look at how her colleagues in
show — Vasilisa Volodina and rose Sabitova gladly absorb brought treats, too, not an easy task.

Incidentally, the presenter considers himself a great
the cook, however, cooking at home, it is not so much time. In such
cases it helps the spouse who is the owner of a chain of restaurants.

By the way, not so long ago Guzeeva was in the center
scandal. The reason for the disapproval of fans of steel photos that Larissa
posing in a private jet with a glass of champagne in hand and surrounded by
a variety of delicacies. Many fans considered that to demonstrate your
material status during the crisis in the country — not the best idea.

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