Larisa Guzeeva abusing girlfriend’s son

Лариса Гузеева ругает подругу из-за сына Ex-girlfriend of rocker Yuri Shevchuk told about the relationship between the famous actress and TV presenter. Larisa Guzeeva often comes to visit a friend of Mariana Polevoy living in Germany. According to the artist, their views on parenting differ.
Лариса Гузеева ругает подругу из-за сына

58-year-old Larisa Guzeeva – old friend a 50-year-old actress Mariana Polevoy. Women love to spend time together and support the communication, despite the fact that are located in different countries. Marian now lives in Berlin with his son Feodor, whose father is musician Yuri Shevchuk. In a recent interview Polteva talked about the relationship with the ex-lover friendship with Guzeeva and the upbringing of the heir.

Now the son of Yuri Shevchuk for twenty years. Despite the fact that his parents broke up, they continue to communicate how truly close friends – brother and sister.

“Fyodor completely independent, does not give any effect. Tried at first to educate, then gave up, because I realized that it’s impossible. He does not get what it wants, but only what he sees fit. Of course, I gave him a good education. And he speaks Russian better than the guys who come to Berlin from Russia. Fedya proud of their parents, but there is no mariscotti, no one ever says, whose son is he” – said Mariana.
Лариса Гузеева ругает подругу из-за сына

Polteva admitted that he never tried to control the son. The actress prefers to give Fedor the freedom of action and communicate with him in a friendly tone. Sometimes it causes the displeasure of the girlfriend of the actress Larissa Guzeeva. That, on the contrary, believes that children should keep in severity.

“It is strange that I never felt his mother in a full, powerful sense of the word. My lovely friend Lara Guzeeva telling me that talking to him like a girlfriend. I do not argue, know that I’m not even as a girlfriend, and even cooler — as a younger sister. Complete trust in the son, although, of course, want everywhere to provide a cushion. Watching him, saw that he was a good man,” shared ex-lover Shevchuk.
Лариса Гузеева ругает подругу из-за сына

According to Polevoi, the son tries not to fail. When my father died Mariana, Fedor took on their shoulders the trouble of arranging a funeral and he carried the cross on his grave. The actress believes that these things make a person more Mature. Polteva also admitted that he can consult with a young man who reminds her of Yuri Shevchuk.

“Sometimes, when he quite forgets who is a mother, I say, “Yuri Yulianovich you are so strict with me, don’t talk, I can be scared!” It is indeed very similar to his father: same philosophical bent of mind, the same plastic. As well as Yura loves to chat, looks at the man, trying to understand it,” said Polteva magazine “Collection Caravan of stories”.