Larisa Guzeeva about her husband’s infidelity: “Igor, bye! To keep will not!”

Лариса Гузеева об изменах мужа: «Игорь, до свидания! Держать не буду!»
The TV presenter spoke openly about the family argument.

Larisa Guzeeva

Photo: still from the TV show “let’s get married!”

Larisa Guzeeva once again suspected his wife of Igor Bukharov of infidelity. It turned out that the husband of TV presenter recently under the pretext of business trips very often leaves home. According to Larisa, she only manages to collect his suitcase for such a trip. However, the frequent absence of the house not worrying so much Guzeeva, if not a dramatic change in the behavior and appearance of Igor.

Main matchmaker of the country admitted that the faithful not so long ago, lost 27 pounds and extremely proud of it. As long as he admired her youthful figure in the mirror. But looking at Guzeevu, Bukharov allows himself to unpleasant comments. “Comes to me and says: “what are you so remiss? Summer was normal. What is it again looks bloated?!” — told Larisa the conversation with Igor.

Guzeeva mind nervous behavior of her husband and she feels that this could all end in divorce. However, TV presenter, apparently, will not be in this case much to grieve. “Igor, bye! To keep will not!” — Guzeeva turned to his wife in one of the broadcasts of the TV show “let’s get married!”.

Recall that the formal Larisa and Igor legalize their relationship before the birth of her daughter, when the presenter was 40 years. However, the future spouses met much earlier — in the days of his stormy youth and have since maintained friendly relations, until at some point they decided to become a couple.