Larisa Golubkina told about his relations with Andrei Tarkovsky

Лариса Голубкина рассказала о своих отношениях с Андреем Тарковским
A candid interview with the actress about her husband Andrei Mironov and about friendship and work with Andrei Tarkovsky, Eldar Ryazanov and other stars.


“I’m always surprised at how dark, cold and lonely Andrew
Tarkovsky shows in all the films about him. He was a different person — open
risible, — says Larisa Golubkina. — We met through
our friend Nelly Thomas — the artist in costumes that a lot
it worked. And became friends. From time to time, Nelly asked me, Andrew and his wife Larissa to her house. Sat, talked, laughed. In General, having

Most Golubkina remember the joint visit with the Director to Italy for a Week of the Soviet cinema.

“Remember on the plane I
sat next to Andrei Tarkovsky and Yuri Ilyenko. We were given some
little money — lire twenty-five approximately, and the three of us chipped in.
Get a normal amount. The money was kept in the “cap” from Andrew. It is for them
answered. And at some point I said, “Listen, we need to check
Italian wine. Because I was in the 63rd, 67th year, but
wine is changing. Need to check what it is taste.” Andrew says:
“Something I don’t really like wine. Gin let’s check it out”. But I
insisted: “No, no, first wine!” And we sat in some little
the bars, took the wine. And I said, “don’t!” We laughed and walked in
another place.”

However, after this voyage at the cafe almost had an accident. “We wanted to swim. But I swim badly, and immediately said: “Listen to me carefully. I am very
afraid of the water. Therefore, will float on one condition: that no one before me
touch and will not splash”. But men have gotta be kidding me. Andrew jumped into the water — apparently, he wanted to dive under me. And
head hit me in the ankle, damaged in the filming of “hussar
ballads”. I went to
the bottom. Me out. When I opened my eyes, Andrew was terribly frightened,
literally white: “Lariska, you really can not mess!”

The full interview can be read here.