Larisa Dolina’s taking her granddaughter from Russia

Лариса Долина увозит внучку из России The famous singer told about how is going to celebrate the New year. Larisa Dolina is preparing for a long-awaited trip abroad. The singer plans to go on a cruise together with those closest to you.
Лариса Долина увозит внучку из России

Very soon the whole country will celebrate the advent of 2018. Many people, including Larisa Dolina, will go to a long-awaited trip together with loved ones. The singer shared his plans with reporters. According to the singer, she wanted to go on a cruise with relatives. This year the star was able to translate their dreams into reality. Fortunately, the granddaughter of the actress already has grown a lot – this year she turned six years old.

First, little Alexandra will go with my mom and grandma star in Miami, and then travel on the water.

“We get on the ship and went on a cruise to the Caribbean. We dreamed about this trip for many years, but was never able to realize his dream. Granddaughter was too young, but now she has already grown up and can take her with me to these trips. As she waits for this trip! – said Larisa reporters. – Not sleeping at night, and every morning calls me and asks: “Grandma, when will come December 31?”

According to the singer, the trip will last seven days. Family of Larisa Dolina was a chance to travel with strangers. “But on this occasion is not worried. Together we never get bored,” he told the star.

Fans of the Valley will be able to see the idols on the night of 31 December to 1 January. The singer will appear in the festive air of the channel “Russia 1”. The company the actress will make her granddaughter Alexandra. She will sing a song about a house together with a star grandmother. In addition, in the new year “Blue light” took part Philip Kirkorov, Iosif Kobzon, Polina Gagarina, Valeria, Christina Orbakaite, Nikolay Baskov, Nonna Grishaeva and others. Celebrity will introduce viewers to the bright rooms. So, Gagarin and Valery will be to convince the Director that he is a king, and a man will take the stage with children – charming Martin and Alla-Victoria.

During a recent interview with reporters Larisa Alexandrovna also spoke about his new tattoo. The actress has tattooed on her hand image of his beloved cat Marusya. Now the star will not part with a pet even on tour. According to celebrity, she felt no pain during the process.

“We are in the family. We have five cats, three of them live in the country and two houses. I love them very much. If I had my way, I could take all the cats of the world and provided them shelter,” – said the singer in an interview