Larisa Dolina was unrecognizable

Лариса Долина преобразилась до неузнаваемости The actress created a furor among fans. Larisa Dolina gave a new reason for public comment. The day before she took the stage in a daring youth way which delighted the spectators.
Лариса Долина преобразилась до неузнаваемости

Recently famous singer Larisa Dolina began to appear at social get-togethers and parties. Loyal fans of the star also say that radically changed her style. Instead of the elegant dresses, the artist began to choose a fitted t-shirts, leather caps, leather jackets and metal accessories. In addition, the singer also significantly transformed. It is highly postrhinal, changed the styling and the beginning of brighter paint.

Recently, the woman acted in “Luzhniki” at the concert devoted to Day of protection of children. On stage hot blonde came along with four-year-old granddaughter Alexandra. Both artist brought to the audience in an extravagant black outfits with gold accents. The audience appreciated the images of the beauties and noticed that Larisa did not look his age. In addition, reported by users of social networks. They came to the delight of celebrity style.

“What Larisochka cool! ‘ve changed! Love that you?” “Not a woman but a goddess, after all. No, we have wonderful people in show business”, “The best! Listening to you for many years! In addition to talent, such a striking appearance!” – posted by fans of the Valley.

According to most Actresses, her external changes are associated with an active lifestyle, proper nutrition and proper rest. She forgets that in addition to spiritual development, need to be improved and physically. However, some fans of the singer believe that it’s not just that. They suspect that the reason a new wave of feelings of the artist to the spouse.

Special attention of Internet users attracted granddaughter of the artist. Fans of star noticed that the girl – a copy of his grandmother. By the way, Sasha really similar to the popular artist. She also does vocals and has already hit the big stage. Baby has been part of the ensemble “Neposedy” and occasionally gives home concerts. Fans are predicting a Valley girl has a great future in show business.