Многодетная семья Дель воссоединилась с изъятой дочерью The inhabitant of Zelenograd takes the baby from the orphanage. Another child adopted Svetlana Del and her husband is in hospital with bilateral pneumonia. Little Pauline and Peter will live with his grandmother in St. Petersburg.

      Многодетная семья Дель воссоединилась с изъятой дочерью

      Today the mother of many children from Zelenograd Svetlana Del took six-year-old Pauline from the shelter. Along with the woman the girl came to her eldest daughter, Daria, and associate Anna Fomina. This was reported by lawyer Ivan Pavlov. Svetlana herself told in social networks that the baby is happy to be reunited with his family.

      The story of mothers from Zelenograd split society into two camps

      “Finally, my favorite daughter back together again! Thank God,” shared the woman in his microblog.
      Многодетная семья Дель воссоединилась с изъятой дочерью

      After some time, Svetlana Del went for a second adopted child. Little Peter was born with a heart defect. According to Pavlov, the boy is in the hospital. “The doctors said that the child has double pneumonia, with which he was two days without treatment stayed in the shelter. His condition is estimated as average weight. Now we solve a question on his transfer to one of the best private clinics of Moscow”, – said the judge.

      Earlier, the officials decided to give the two children adopted by family Del, grandma. An elderly woman lives in St. Petersburg. As for the eight kids who were under the care of the residents of Zelenograd, for them going to find new parents.

      Многодетная семья Дель воссоединилась с изъятой дочерью

      However, Svetlana and her husband Michael did not lose hope to bring all the children. They believe that we need to continue the fight for other kids. It should be noted that the protection of the family Del was expressed by many stars of show business, including Vera Brezhneva, Evelina Bledans and Irena Ponaroshku. Social networks also launched the hashtag in support of Svetlana and her husband. In addition, Internet users sign the petition to protect the residents of Zelenograd.

      Scandal 10 foster children: the stars support the mother

      “You know that this nightmare isn’t over?! What is the situation with the abduction of ten children from a family trying to hush up all the forces, and children – deprived parents?!.. Of care call and say: “Wash the posts and keep it down, have you adopted children, you never know what bruise…” And, fearing for their children, many delete posts!” – said Irena Ponaroshku in his microblog.

      We will remind that on January 13 it became known about the withdrawal of the foster family living in Zelenograd, ten kids. This happened due to the fact that the father was suspected of child abuse, but the accused denies the allegations. The journalists were told that Michael Del allegedly beat a child. In an interview with reporters, the man said that he never raised a hand to the heirs. According to the man, he was just trying to hold the boy an educational talk. The father of adopted children from Zelenograd explained the bruises on the body of the son