Large daddy Eddie Murphy announced the sex of their unborn child

Многодетный папаша Эдди Мерфи сообщил пол своего будущего ребенка
Girlfriend actor will soon be gracing his ninth sibling.

Многодетный папаша Эдди Мерфи сообщил пол своего будущего ребенка

Eddie Murphy and Paige butcher

Photo: Splash News/East news

As told in the days of Eddie Murphy, he learned
the sex of their unborn child, who is soon due to give birth to his girlfriend,
model and actress Paige butcher. As it turned out, Paige is waiting for the girl, and she
born literally a few weeks — as early as may. Baby will be
the sixth daughter of 55-year-old Murphy. After the birth of their girls, Eddie becomes absolute
champion Hollywood by number of children: he will surpass the achievement of the previous
the champion — Mel Gibson, whose “only” eight offspring.

First son Eric a large Papa Murphy gave birth
his girlfriend Paulette McNeely, when the actor was 28 years old. Following his passion — Tamara hood, gracing Eddie have one son — Christian. Then legitimate
the actor’s wife Nicole Mitchell — gave him for 13 years of their marriage four
daughters and a son. And after the divorce with Nicole his girlfriend, ex spice Melanie brown has joined the squad for the offspring of Murphy’s daughter angel. By the way, this kid Eddie
stubbornly refused to admit her. The fact that angel is his daughter, Melanie had to prove in court, forcing the actor to undergo a paternity test…

As for the current girlfriend of actor — Paige butcher,
for her it will be the first child. Murphy met with Paige in 2006,
the filming of the Comedy “Big momma’s House 2”. However, to meet they started only
a few years later. Although the couple has been together for four years, neither of engagement to Paige,
even more so, about the prospect of the wedding Eddie not speaks. Apparently, he
still can’t forget about the financial losses he suffered as a result
his divorce from Nicole. However, even after a ruinous divorce for him Murphy left
still a millionaire. His fortune is estimated at least 85 million
dollars. So he has to pay child support for his many

Eddie Murphy


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