Впавшую в кому солистку «Фристайла» перевели в киевскую клинику The team gives charity concerts to collect money for treatment Nina Kirso. She is in a coma and has undergone two operations. Loved ones are on duty next to a singer and expect that she will get better.
Впавшую в кому солистку «Фристайла» перевели в киевскую клинику

On 1 June, the soloist of “Freestyle” Nina Kirso had a stroke. The actress was home alone and suddenly lost consciousness. Her husband and son were on tour. When friends realized that the singer for a long time does not answer the phone, they came and found her in the kitchen.

“It was a sudden attack. If it just happened, she’d somehow made it to the sofa, as well as stood with the kettle in hand, and lost consciousness…” – said a colleague of Nina in the group, Sergey Kuznetsov.

Then, Kira was taken to the hospital of Poltava. Doctors found she had a severe stroke in the third degree. Nina is in a coma, was carried out two operations. Apparently, the soloist of the “Freestyle” will long-term treatment. As the Director of collective Igor Lachin, colleagues, Circa collect money for her treatment.

“As Nina’s stable at the moment. She is in a clinic in Kiev. The group is now “freestyle” already gives charitable concerts with participation of Ukrainian pop stars. The proceeds from the concerts will be transferred for treatment Nina,” said Lagin.

Igor did not call the medical institutions, not to involve excessive attention from the fans.

We will remind, group “freestyle” appeared in 1988. For several years the soloist of the team was Vadim Kazachenko, but in 1991, he became an advocate separately.

During its existence, the group has released more than twenty albums. Nina Kirso performed almost all the major hits “Freestyle”. Longtime producer of the band was the husband of the soloist Anatoly Rozanov. They have a son, Maxim, who is also involved in music. Now loved ones are near, Kira. According to Lachin kp.ua the degree of coma is not as heavy.