Lana Del Rey was spotted with a ring on her ring finger The singer doesn't like to talk about personal things.

Lana Del Rey spotted wearing a ring on her ring fingerIn the personal life of 37-year-old Lana Del Rey, changes. Although the singer does not like to talk about her relationship, she has friends who are ready to do it. According to the artist's friends, she will soon go down the aisle. Her beloved 40-year-old musician Evan Winiker proposed to her. Lovers meet not so long ago. They first appeared together last September at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off festival. And already in March, a diamond ring was noticed on the ring finger of the singer, during the Billboard Women In Music Awards ceremony. By the way, then the singer received the Visionary Award for her achievements in the visual accompaniment of the clips. Of course, fans on the net immediately began to ask her about the upcoming wedding, but the Young and Beautiful hit singer ignored them, and has not yet given answers to journalists' questions.

Lana Del Rey spotted wearing a ring on her ring finger

According to Western media reports, Evan helped Lana with the recording of a new album, which she released a few days ago. They probably became close while working on the record. Winicker is also a managing partner of talent agency Range Media.

Lana Del Rey spotted wearing a ring on her ring finger

Formerly Lana has already been a bride, but she never made it to the altar. In 2014, she was engaged to singer Barry James O'Neill.

And in 2020, the singer again received a marriage proposal from country singer Clayton Johnson, whom she met through the application. But in the same year they broke up. By the way, in the same year, Lana got into a music scandal. She was accused of romanticizing abusive relationships in songs.

Feminists have stated that she often sings about relationships where the woman is the victim. Rey was outraged by these accusations. In her opinion, the first lines in the charts are often occupied by compositions with worse lyrics, but for some reason no one criticizes them.

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