На Лану Дель Рей готовилось покушение

On the evening of 3 February, the Florida state police announced the arrest of armed men who wanted to attend the concert of the famous singer Lana Del Rey and kidnap her. On Friday, February 2, law enforcement officials arrested 43-year-old Michael hunt, who prepared a crime against the 32-year-old actress. The arrest was made near the Amway center in Orlando, shortly before the start of the concert.

In an official statement, police said a man armed with a knife and went to the concert, the singer who has pre-purchased a ticket. Even before the performance, Del Rey, law enforcement noticed a strange behavior of men. It drew attention because of the “encrypted and threatening posts” on the Internet, which they placed against the singer. With Del Rey Michael never contacted. Before performance of the singer, the police received a message (to the end it is never clear who helped the police) about a possible threat.

“On Friday police identified the threat and quickly worked to ensure the safety of all involved and all visitors to the show,” reads the statement.

“Michael hunt arrested for stalking with aggravating circumstances and attempted theft with a weapon. After receiving a tip, we felt that it was a real threat and police arrested him before he managed to get closer to the singer Lana Del Rey during her concert in Amway Center”, is written in the message the police Department on Twitter.